Teams that could possibly steal the Eagles top Day 1 NFL Draft targets

The Eagles have their eyes on a few quality first-round NFL Draft targets. The only issue is other franchises have their eyes on the exact same prospects.

Kool-Aid McKinstry, Philadelphia Eagles draft
Kool-Aid McKinstry, Philadelphia Eagles draft / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

How's that week going? At the time that the keys are being pecked to construct this story, the 76ers have just blown a fourth-quarter lead to the Clippers, one that hands James Harden a win in his return to the Wells Fargo Center. This comes after we learned the Phillies opener will be postponed for a day. Oh well... At least we have the Philadelphia Eagles and draft needs to discuss.

By now, you have all watched the Birds handle their business long enough to understand how this works. We all have our theories on who Philly should select when they're on the clock with the 22nd-overall selection.

They need cornerbacks, running backs, and safeties, which probably means they'll take an offensive lineman or a defensive tackle. But, hey... We're building for the long term. That's always the wise theory. The coming NFL Draft will help them do that.

Here's a look at potential Eagles first-round targets (and the teams that could possibly stand in the way of Philly landing those players).

Another day, another theory. Welcome to mock draft season. The Eagles' top needs? We've discussed them ad nauseam. As mentioned earlier, they need help in the secondary and the backfield at the tailback position. A little help at linebacker and right guard wouldn't turn anyone off either.

Here's the thing. Philly hasn't taken a defensive back in the first round of any NFL Draft since 2002 (Lito Sheppard). It has been even longer, 1979 to be exact, since they selected a linebacker that early.

Don't rule out the selection of an offensive or defensive lineman. Howie Roseman adopted that theory from Andy Reid. If we haven't learned anything else this offseason, however, it's this. Don't rule out any curveballs.

Philly has been linked to several prospects at varying positions. Here are a few and Philly's perceived competition in adding them. We'll see how things shake up when we arrive at draft day.

Target: Jared Verse (or Laiatu Latu) - Eagles biggest threats: Broncos, Falcons, Cardinals

If most of our theories are correct, and the first three or four players taken are all quarterbacks, there's a chance that Dallas Turner could hang around as late as the eighth-overall selection when the Atlanta Falcons are on the clock.

The Arizona Cardinals and L.A. Chargers also need help at EDGE, but they may address other needs early. Keep an eye on the Chicago Bears too. They own two of the top nine picks.

They need quarterback and receiver help, but they could shock us and take an EDGE guy as that's their biggest need on defense.

Target: Byron Murphy - Biggest threats: Colts, Rams, Jaguars, Bengals

It never seems to matter how many interior defensive linemen the Eagles have. They always seem to be in the market for more. The best of the bunch in this class is Byron Murphy. He figures to be long gone when Philly is on the clock, but these days you never know.

Aaron Donald has retired from the L.A. Rams. They could legitimately add Murphy as a replacement. The Cards also need a defensive tackle. So do the Colts and Jaguars, but Indy has more pressing needs at cornerback. The Bengals if they don't address needs along the offensive line and at the skill positions, could also be a landing spot for Murphy.

Target: Quinyon Mitchell - Biggest threats: Colts, Jaguars, Bengals, Chargers

The Colts' top needs on offense and defense are at the wide receiver and cornerback positions respectively. The Jaguars need secondary help. Still, they have more pressing needs like defensive tackle, wide receiver, guard, center, and EDGE.

The Bengals and Chargers have secondary concerns, but new head coach Jim Harbaugh may look to address the offensive line. Pick five may be where we see the selection of Joe Alt (Notre Dame) if he hasn't been selected already.

Target: Amarius Mims - Biggest threats: Steelers, Raiders, Seahawks, Saints

Though recent mock drafts have been all over the place, many have named defensive backs and edge rushers as Philly's selection. There are the occasional mentions of Georgia offensive tackle Amarius Mims as a possible Eagles wildcard selection at the 22nd overall selection.

If the Birds go with the safe play and add an offensive lineman, they could be beaten to the punch by several teams. We may see a first-round run on offensive linemen beginning with Joe Alt. The Raiders could be interested in an O-lineman. So could the Seahawks, Saints, Chargers, and Bengals.

Many name the Steelers as the most realistic landing spot for Mims. There is seemingly realistic interest. If he is on Philly's radar, they may have to compete with Pennsylvania's other NFL franchise. Olumuyiwa Fashanu, Taliese Fuaga, J.C. Latham, and Troy Fautanu are other first-round O-line options.

Targets: Kool-Aid McKinstry & Nate Wiggins - Biggest threats: Jaguars, Bengals, Chargers, Rams

Quinyon Mitchell, Terrion Arnold, Cooper DeJean, Nate Wiggins, and Kool-Aid McKinstry are all graded as this year's first-round options at the cornerback position. Mitchell is the cream of the crop. Where the others rank seems to vary based on which scouts you reference.

If the Birds use first-round draft capital on the position, McKinstry and Wiggins may be available. Several teams could beat them to the punch before they're officially on the clock, namely the Jags, Bengals, Chargers, and Rams.

Target (The wildcard): Brock Bowers - Biggest threat: Jets

In his most recent NFL mock draft, Mike Tannenbaum suggested the Eagles snag tight end Brock Bowers. Now, that's interesting. It's an angle we haven't heard often, but it would give Philly another respectable tight end outside of Dallas Goedert.

Bucky Brooks sends Bowers to the New York Jets tenth overall in his most recent (and third) mock. The Jets have other needs, but if they're in win-now mode with Aaron Rodgers, another offensive weapon makes total sense.

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