These NFL comps for the Eagles' impressive Round 5 trio will get fans hyped

They're only Round 5 prospects, so why in the heck are we so doggone excited?
Ainias Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
Ainias Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The eyelids were heavy. The energy was low, but all it took to pipe up was the announcement. 'The Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock'. It's just something about those seven words.

Day 3 was an action-packed affair, wasn't it? There were trades. Philly added some draft capital for the future, but they also added a stud tailback in Will Shipley.

Teams hope to find stars and future Pro Bowlers in Round 1. The hope is key contributors are acquired in Round 2 and Round 3. By the time we reach the NFL Draft's third day, everyone hopes they have hired the right scouts. Everyone is honestly looking to get lucky.

Round 5 isn't normally a money round, but the Eagles may have struck gold in the 2024 NFL Draft.

This 2024 Eagles draft class might change some of the above theories. We may look back and say the Eagles hit the lottery. Sure, Round 5 ... Well... It's Round 5. There isn't much of a reason to be excited, right?

So, if that's the case, why the heck are we excited? The Birds have added some ballers late in the selection meeting before. Might we look back and say they did so in 2024?

Check out this trio and each of their NFL comps.

Ainias Smith, wide receiver, Texas A&M (NFL comp: Christian Kirk)

NFL. com's draft expert Lance Zierlein names another Texas A&M product, Christian Kirk, as Ainias Smith's NFL comparison. Kirk was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2018. Smith probably won't get there as he's staring up at a few guys on the depth chart, but both make plays with the ball in their hands, and both have zero fear in traveling through traffic.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr., linebacker, Clemson (NFL comp: Nick Bolton)

Nick Bolton, a 2021 PFWA All-Rookie Team member, is Lance Zierlein's NFL comp for Jeremiah Trotter Jr. 'Junior Axe man' is an inch taller at six-foot-tall. Bolton outweighs the former Clemson star by about nine pounds.

Both can blitz and pick off passes if the ball is thrown in their direction. While there is concern about whether or not Trotter Jr. is as good as his father, the cliche answer is the most accurate.

If this young man is coached up well enough, he might turn out to be a star.

Trevor Keegan, offensive guard, Michigan (NFL comp: Cordell Volson)

While Cordell Volson isn't the owner of a name that most will recognize or spill their tea over, he is Zierlein's comp fpr Trevor Keegan and has started 36 consecutive games at left guard to begin his career.

According to, Volson is the only player on Cincy's roster "to line up for every offensive snap in 2022 regular season, the '22 postseason, and the '23 regular season." Trevor Keegan isn't starting for Philly, but if we learn he can do so that will provide confidence about Philly's depth.

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