Three networks are interested in Jason Kelce after Eagles legend meets with two other heavyweights

Might the G.O.A.T. be closing in on a television career?
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Jason Kelce is the man! That's it. That's your lead. Sure, you already know that, but the statement never loses its sting. Jason Kelce could slap one of our elderly family members, and in most cases, we'd assume said family member was out of line. Oh, come on! Don't act like you don't feel the same way.

Seemingly, we shouldn't make such statements simply because the future Pro Football Hall of Famer played a child's game in a football-crazed city. The G.O.A.T. is a different breed though. He and Brian Dawkins run neck and neck as the most beloved Philadelphia Eagles to ever don the jersey.

Still, while one is the strong silent type that morphed into a super hero. The other is the people's champion. The latter is also the author of the greatest speech in the history of Super Bowl victory parades.

Fletcher Cox believes Mr. Kelce could run for mayor of Philly if he wants (and WIN). The G.O.A.T. might have other plans though, and they may include a media takeover.

Jason Kelce has met with two TV networks, possibly about employment, and it appears three others are also interested.

While no word has been given about whether or not Jason Kelce will retire, it appears he's already thinking about his life after football. He recently did something he hasn't done since the NFL Combine. He went on a couple of job interviews.

Front Office Sports reports he has met with ESPN and Fox about possibly pursuing a TV career. Later that same day The New York Post released a report of their own. Amazon, NBC, and CBS apparently might also might express some interest.

We should have known. He's shone when given an opportunity. We've seen him on everything from his highly successful New Heights podcast with younger brother Travis and the recent Season 3 premiere of Abbott Elementary. He's also tested the waters while appearing on NFL Network and Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football brand as an analyst.

First things first though. Everyone waits with baited breath for his decision about retirement. One thing's certain. Regardless of what happens with the TV career, he'll never have to pay for a beer in the City of Brotherly Love again.

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