Under-the-radar NFL Draft prospects the Eagles could draft to replace Haason Reddick

Whether it be this season or the next, there are several prospects the Eagles can add by way of the 2024 NFL Draft to possibly replace Haason Reddick eventually.

Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Have we reached the point where we have determined we believe we know what's coming? We're there, right? Days pass. The Philadelphia Eagles keep shelling out money to everyone except for Haason Reddick. We believe the two-time Pro Bowler has played his final game in Philly. Nothing is final until it is official though.

Philly has made additions on both sides of the ball. Now, the NFL Draft approaches. If the Birds want to add players during the selection meeting, they will have options even if they wait until a little later.

Great players can be found in programs that don't receive national acclaim. Talent can be found by looking outside of Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Alabama, and Georgia.

After all, Haason cut his teeth at Temple. We may not have paid him much attention had he not been in the Eagles' backyard. Here's a list of five guys. Might they be another Haason Reddick?

5. Khalid Duke, Kansas State

Khalid Duke (six-foot-three, 246 pounds) is an undersized edge rusher who team sources are projecting to be a designated NFL pass rusher. He racked up 19 tackles, six sacks, and a forced fumble in 2023. We imagine he'll be a third-day draftee.

4. Brennan Jackson, Washington State

Brennan Jackson is worth the price of admission and is so good he made us sit up a few nights to watch some West Coast college football. Standing at six-foot-four and tipping the scales at 264 pounds, he was a phenomenal edge defender for the Cougars in 2023.

He collected 57 tackles (12.5 for loss), 8.5 sacks, and a forced fumble. He also scored three TDs on four fumble recoveries. He could be a sleeper that might still be available on day three.

3. Nelson Ceaser, Houston

Nelson Ceaser, like Khalid Duke, is undersized for the NFL. Otherwise, he might be a day-two prospect. Even still, he showed ability off the edge as a pass rusher.

Caesar brings the thunder though. In 2023, he stacked 43 tackles and 9.5 sacks. He may also be a designated pass rusher, one who is probably better suited to stand up than play in a three or four-point stance with his hand in the dirt.

The Houston Cougars probably aren't the program that will bring a national viewing audience to the television screen. They don't typically dominate the recruiting cycle, but Caesar represented though and earned First-Team All-Big 12 honors in 2023.

2. Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State

We can't mention edge rushers and under-the-radar programs and avoid shining a light on Mohamed Kamara. He made a name for himself (and some money) in 2023.

56 tackles, 13 sacks, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and a defensive TD were the results of his efforts. He stacked First-Team All-Mountain West honors last season and the 2023 Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year Award

Here's the issue. Like Khalid Duke and Nelson Caesar, he has earned the undersized label. He stands at six-foot-one and tips the scales at 248 pounds. Truthfully, at first glance, he looks more like an NFL safety.

1. Javon Solomon, Troy Trojans

There aren't many reasons to watch the Troy Trojans play football. Maybe you're a fan or an alum, but Javon Solomon was a good enough reason to do so last season.

We always have to take the level of competition when we bring up massive stacks. Racking 16 sacks in the SEC would be much more impressive than doing so in the Sun Belt Conference, but 16 sacks are 16 sacks nonetheless.

This is another of the undersized guys. He's six-foot-tall and weighs 247 pounds, but he could be a nice designated pass rusher in sub packages where he stands up. Keep an eye on him when we reach the third day of the NFL Draft.

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