Ranking the Eagles vs NFL's top teams in terms of available cap space

The Eagles are in great salary cap shape.
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Well, it's a good time to be an NFL wide receiver. We'll tell you that! Gosh, those guys are cashing in, aren't they? The Philadelphia Eagles recently invested some coin in the top two guys on their depth chart. Remember when we thought they wouldn't be able to get that done? Still, the news still managed to birth controversy.

Former Eagles President Joe Banner believes DeVonta Smith is underpaid and should fire his agent. That's interesting. Keep in mind the fact that this is the same guy who was a part of the brain trust that allowed Brian Dawkins to leave and find his way to the Denver Broncos.

Oh well... We move on to why we're all here. Cap space...

The Eagles land eighth among all NFL teams in terms of available cap space.

May is gone, and we're almost a week into our great country's sixth month of the 2024 calendar year. June 1st is in our rearview mirrors, and at the time of this story's release, James Bradberry is still on the preseason roster despite theories that stated Philly might be interested in moving on.

June 1st is the final day that every NFL team will see all future prorated money accelerate as “dead money” if players are released from the roster. Moving on from James afterward would have allowed Philly to split his cap hit and endure a $4.3 million burden rather than taking on the full $15.1 million they would have had to take on had they cut him before June 1.

Philly is in good shape in terms of cap space. Thank Over The Cap for the numbers. Here is where everything falls at the time of this story's release.

The Eagles land in the NFL's top ten in terms of available salary cap space.

1. New England Patriots: $46.4M
2. Washington Commanders: $43.4M
3. Detroit Lions: $40.3M
4. Arizona Cardinals: $35.5M
5. Jacksonville Jaguars: $34.2M
6. Las Vegas Raiders: $34.1M
7. Green Bay Packers: $30.4M
8. Philadelphia Eagles: $26.8M
9. Los Angeles Chargers: $26.3M
10. Indianapolis Colts: $26.2M

Landing just outside the top ten to fill out the top half of the league's 32 teams are:

11. San Francisco 49ers: $25.2M
12. Tennessee Titans: $25.2M
13. Chicago Bears: $22.6M
14. Cincinnati Bengals: $21.4M
15. Houston Texans: $19.8M
16. Miami Dolphins: $18.8M

Keep something else in mind. Philly hasn't signed rookie Quinyon Mitchell at this story's release. That will alter the number slightly, but the long and short of everything is this.

The Birds are in good shape if they need to make another signing at some point. We'll see if they take that route at some point.