Updated NFC Playoff Picture After Week 12: Eagles must bounce back vs. Cowboys

Here are your current Week 14 NFC playoff standings.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

We're winding down the remainder of this current gauntlet. The Philadelphia Eagles are turning the page from Week 13 to Week 14. Thoughts have turned from a disappointing showing versus the San Francisco 49ers and are now on a game versus the Dallas Cowboys, a game that is much more important than it was about a week ago.

Philadelphia takes a commanding lead in the race for the NFC East's crown with a win. There's more on the line though as the NFL landscape focuses more on playoff positioning. Things change quickly in pro football. Here's where we are now.

Versus a 9-3 rival Cowboys team Week 14's Sunday Night Football Game is suddenly a must-win for our Birds. December certainly got here quickly, didn't it?

NFC playoff picture, Week 14: Eagles still control their destiny

Another week is in the books. Here's what the NFC's playoff picture would look like had the season ended after Week 13. This is why you stack wins and beat the teams that you're supposed to beat. Despite being beaten soundly by the San Francisco 49ers, the Eagles still own the NFC's top seed. They also control their own playoff destiny.

The division leaders:

  • Philadelphia Eagles - 10-2, 1st in the NFC East
  • San Francisco 49ers - 9-3, 1st in the NFC West
  • Detroit Lions - 9-3, 1st in the NFC North
  • Atlanta Falcons - 6-6, 1st in the NFC South

The Wild Card Teams:

  • Dallas Cowboys - 9-3, 2nd in NFC East
  • Minnesota Vikings - 6-6, 2nd in NFC North
  • Green Bay Packers - 6-6, 3rd NFC North

Teams in the hunt:

  • Los Angeles Rams - 6-6
  • Seattle Seahawks - 6-6
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 5-7
  • New Orleans Saints - 5-7

All of that leads us to a theory we're sure you're discussing in your social circles. The Eagles must keep winning. The journey is far from being over.

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