Vic Fangio set to become Eagles defensive coordinator (So, why are we nervous?)

Vic Fangio appears to be the guy, but despite his reputation, we won't lie. We're nervous.
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles / Rich Storry/GettyImages

So much for all of those interviews and the 'involved process of searching', huh? Less than 24 hours after we learned that Vic Fangio and the Miami Dolphins had agreed to part ways, he's on a plane as this story is being published. He is headed to the City of Brotherly Love to sign a contract to become the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive coordinator.

Thank ESPN's Adam Schefter for the update. He was first with the news on Thursday morning.

Don't get us wrong. We're excited, but we feel as though there's also cause for concern, even if it's only minimal.

If Vic Fangio is one of the top defensive minds that the Eagles can have added, why is it that we feel nervous?

Raise your hand if thoughts crossed your mind that sound like this. Vic Fangio might be Philly's head coach in waiting. Sure, we're a long way from that, but here's one more concern we'd like addressed with more immediacy. Why in the heck did Miami move off of this guy so quickly if he's so damn good?

Maybe Mike McDaniel wants Brandon Staley on his staff. Maybe that's the reason, but here's another question. What if this guy isn't that good? The Dolphins did allow 31.9 points per game versus playoff teams.

The Dolphins defense was only marginally better than that of the Eagles and the Birds QUIT AFTER THE SEATTLE GAME WHILE MIAMI CONTINUED TO PLAY HARD. There are some positives. Miami ranked tenth in total defense. They ranked 1st in the NFL in QB hits (140). They ranked 3rd in the NFL in sacks (56). That's a Fins franchise record for sacks in a single season.

The eyeball test says something else though. It feels like there are a lot of holes. Vic's defense seemed impenetrable at first, but it feels like he and all of his disciples have been figured out by the rest of the NFL. Maybe we all saw his scheme too much?

Miami had some injuries late. That has to be mentioned, but asking the question is fair, right? We have one more if you'll indulge us. Did the Eagles board this train too late?

Recently, more often than not, whenever Philly rushes to grab these castoffs that other franchises seem fine with giving up on, things haven't worked out. Think Ryan Kerrigan, Robert Quinn, Shaq Leonard, and Matt Patricia if you need examples.

It's early. Time will tell if our fears are warranted. We see what happens next season. One thing, however, is certain. It doesn't matter how good of a job he's doing (or how poorly he and his defense perform). EAGLES FANS WILL HATE THIS GUY BY WEEK 5. You can take that to the bank.

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