Way-too-early PFF 2025 mock draft will spark plenty of Eagles debate

A recent PFF mock draft sends a wide receiver to the Eagles in Round 1 come April of 2025.
Evan Stewart, Philadelphia Eagles
Evan Stewart, Philadelphia Eagles / Logan Riely/GettyImages

Once the 2024 NFL season gets underway and the wins begin to pile up (hopefully), you'll hear a familiar phrase after every Philadelphia Eagles win or loss. 'There's no time to celebrate (or be somber). We have to get ready for the next game on the schedule'.

Don't get us wrong. We get it. You can't let the emotions of a win allow you to overlook the next opponent, and Heaven forbid, you can't let a loss linger and give birth to a losing streak.

There are just a couple of issues with the theory though. Fans can sometimes begin taking on the same theory and acting as though they're in the locker room an on the roster. If you're in the 'celebrate and move on' club, fine, but don't badger fellow fans if they celebrate longer or look too far ahead. You have the right to feel how you feel. So do they.

We've said all of that to say this. We haven't seen the Eagles' schedule at this story's release. No game has been played. We don't know if this team is good or not. Yet still, we have already dropped a 2025 all-Eagles mock draft, and guess what? Other publications have done the same.

Pro Football Focus sends a wide receiver to the Eagles in their recent Way-Too-Early 2025 NFL Mock Draft.

Mocks sometimes get on people's nerves. We can't figure out why except to say that people take things too seriously. They're like Marvel movies. They're meant to be fun, not nonfiction documentaries about controversial subjects.

All mocks mean to do is give us an idea of team needs and where prospects are ranked. Remember keep that in mind, and you won't have to lose your cool and threaten someone in the comment section.

Max Chadwick and Dalton Wasserman worked together to craft one for our buddies over at Pro Football Focus. They send a receiver, Oregon's Evan Stewart, to Philadelphia. Here's their reason for making that selection.

"Stewart battled through injuries at Texas A&M last season, but he has a chance to have a huge season at Oregon. The former top-10 recruit earned a 73.7 receiving grade as a sophomore. He is a terrific route runner and, when healthy, has shown an ability to make tacklers miss. The Eagles take a chance on a potentially dynamic weapon to fill out their receiver room."

While Stewart is a phenomenal talent, we're going to assume Philly goes the route of filling other needs. There are several reasons we say that, but we'll highlight a few of the most obvious.

Here are three reasons we disagree with the theory that the Eagles will draft a wide receiver in Round 1.

Stewart looks the part of a first-round talent. The questions now are about whether or not he plays like one. He stands at six-foot-one. He tips the scales at 175 pounds. He snagged 91 receptions for 1,163 yards and six TDs during two seasons with the Texas A&M Aggies (18 games total), but as mentioned, he has transferred to Oregon and is coming off a season where he endured an injury.

We can't see Philly taking a wideout at what Chadwick and Wasserman believe will be the 26th selection. Here are three reasons we believe we're correct in saying that.

1. Philly won't be selecting anyone that early.

While picking at 26 suggests the writers of this one believes the Eagles will be a playoff team (which they will be), it also suggests the belief is they'll be going home early. We disagree.

The floor for this Eagles team is the NFC Championship Game (which the writers seem to think will be a game featuring the 49ers and Lions if we're basing this off structure). You're right... We have no evidence to back up our claim and no data to prove Philly will be one of the NFL's 'final four', but trust us on this one. This team will be making their selection somewhere between 29 and 32.

2. The Eagles took two receivers in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Eagles have A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith both locked up for a long time. They drafted Ainias Smith and Johnny Wilson during the most recent NFL Draft. If they add to the cupboard, it seems more realistic to believe they'll add a cheap free agent or draft a player in 2025 during a later round.

We just can't see them using early draft capital in Round 1 next April.

3. Aging veterans makes offensive tackle and edge rusher more important roster needs.

Brandon Graham will retire after this season. Josh Sweat isn't signed after this season. No one really knows what to expect from Nolan Smith or Jalyx Hunt yet, and even though Philly has Bryce Huff locked up for a while, he's going to need some help. Philly would be wise to take an edge rusher next season.

If they elect against doing so, adding to other positions makes sense. Take the offensive tackle position for instance. There needs to be a succession plan for Lane Johnson and insurance just in case Jordan Mailata endures some unforeseen injury.

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