What time is the Philadelphia Eagles versus NY Jets game today?

Don't let the records fool you. The Eagles can expect the Jets' best effort in Week 6. If Philly forgets that, we'll be discussing a loss.
Robert Saleh, Eagles schedule
Robert Saleh, Eagles schedule / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Eagles Week 6 matchup. Eagles -7. 4:25 p.m. EST. 5-0. 54. FOX. Sunday, October 15th. 2-3. 30

It's game day! Saying it never gets old. Maybe the infrequency with which we say that makes the statement ring a tad more. After all, we're only guaranteed 17 regular-season contests per season. Maybe it's the buzz that a 5-0 start manufactures. Whatever the case, there's a Philadelphia Eagles game to watch this afternoon. This one has a 4:25 p.m. EST start time.

The New York Jets are the opponent. They walk into Week 6 as owners of a sub-.500 record. at 2-3. The Birds are currently favored by a touchdown.

You've probably heard this a time or two. Philly has never lost to the Jets, but they can't afford to look past Gang Green for any reason.

Games like the Eagles' Week 6 clash with the NY Jets are how trap games are birthed.

By virtue of playing in opposing conferences, the Eagles and Jets don't meet each other often. Their first meeting came in 1973. The Birds won that one by one point and have taken each of the 11 meetings that have followed.

This is one of those affairs that seems to be venturing toward the 'trap game' territory. Week 6's game is followed by Philly's home date versus the Miami Dolphins. The Eagles can't afford to look too far ahead and begin focusing on the Fins too early.

The Jets may not be a Super Bowl contender. They're still home to NFL players and coaches though. Philadelphia can't afford to forget that, or we'll be discussing their first loss of the season.

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