Worried Eagles fans can find needed confidence in the words of a respected NFL analyst

Peter Schrager thinks he knows what the Eagles are telling offensive coordinator candidates, and folks, we like what they are selling.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

During the Philadelphia Eagles’ end-of-season press conference, head coach Nick Sirianni told us that the offensive coordinator was going to coach the offense, the defensive coordinator would coach the defense, and he would be the head coach of the team. Wait a second. Hold up. How is that news? Isn't that what we expected? Seriously... What are we talking about here?

The above statement is also coming from the guy who told us that there wouldn’t be any changes to who would be calling the plays on defense after a humiliating loss. And, then he changed defensive play callers two days later.

Should you or we believe anything that he says? Absolutely not! This time around, however, though the same thing has happened, this feels different though. This time he didn't lie, at least not totally. Maybe he fed us a half-truth.

Peter Schrager shares what he believes to be the Eagles' sales pitch, and if correct, it's easy to fall in love with what Philly is selling.

Vic Vangio is a hardass. He’s not going to let Sirianni anywhere close to his defensive strategy, and that’s a good thing. That means Nick WON'T be in charge of the defense. We thought about that. we mixed in a little more information and we might have actually found a recipe for success. 

Peter Schrager (Fox Sports and Good Morning Football) appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast on Friday, January 21st. He spoke about how attractive the Eagles offensive coordinator position is. This one was worth a listen.

Schrager brought up the thought process for potential candidates. Fast forward to the 55:47 mark to hear the quote.

"Nick’s an offensive guy. Am I gonna be able to run my offense? ... Apparently the Eagles are like, ‘Yeah. Bring your offense and bring who you want with you, and let’s see what you can do.’ And I think it’s going to be a very attractive job because the skill position players and the offensive line is incredible."

Let’s do a generous read here: This is telling us that one of (if not the biggest) selling point of the Eagles OC job is the hired party will be allowed the freedom to run what he desires with the tools and players that the Eagles already have. We'll see if that's accurate. You've heard of Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie, right? But, hey. It still sounds good even if we are skeptical.

That’s HUGE though if true. That means we won't be subjected to an offensive coordinator who's simply Nick Sirianni with a Groucho Marx disguise on. We’re going to see a brand-spanking new offensive scheme in 2024. 

Sirianni has gone on record about making zero changes to his offense during the offseason. He lamented only trying to improve on the things that Philly already did well. That’s simply a strategy that doesn’t work. The evidence of that was seen throughout the most recent Eagles season.

Every other NFL team spent their offseason studying the Eagles' offense. It appears they caught up. They figured out ways to eliminate what Philly wanted to do, and without any new wrinkles from Philly's head coach, things got stale quickly. That’s a surprise to absolutely no one.

If Schrager is correct, and the Eagles’ new OC can bring in their scheme and coaches, then we’ll see this offense flourish. Of course, that’s only true if that coordinator and scheme don’t leave much to be desired. Our fingers are crossed on that part. Yours should be too.

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