Philadelphia Eagles Are The Class Of The NFC East


Oct 27, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) is knocked down by Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin (98) after throwing a pass during the second half at Lincoln Financial Field. The Giants won the game 15-7. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East crown last season, and shocked the NFL world by following up a 4-12 2012 season with a 10-6 record this past year. In the process the team found their Coach and Quarterback for the next decade and saw a woeful defense make huge strides. The arrow is pointing up for the Eagles, and with a solid offseason the Philadelphia Eagles are still the class of the NFC East. The team has the right personnel, players, and attitude to succeed. Compared to the other teams in the division, the Eagles are primed to control the division.

The Philadelphia Eagles have some of the best front office personnel and coaches in the league. The team has never been cap strapped like the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. The team always enters the offseason with a healthy number to re-sign and sign players. Since Howie Roseman has taken over GM duties in 2011, the team has had great drafts that have produced corner stone players. The owner Jeffrey Lurie has also done a nice job in giving the team the resources necessary to succeed and not overstep his boundaries like someone down in Dallas. Both Roseman and Lurie played a big role in hiring Head Coach Chip Kelly. The team now has the consistency and proper power balance it needs to put the Philadelphia Eagles in a position to win a Super Bowl. Winning starts here in the front office and coaches, and the Eagles now have that.

When Chip Kelly first step foot in the NovaCare Complex he wanted to bring a winning attitude and culture. One year in, he has changed the whole feeling in Philadelphia. To loud music during practice, smoothies, mandatory sleeping hours, and unique drills, Chip has turned it around. There’s something special that players and fans feel. Numerous players and even rookies talk about the vibe the Eagles currently have. The team has the confidence that Chip has the best interest of the team. When the Philadelphia Eagles let go of former Wide Out DeSean Jackson, not one player questioned it. If the other teams in the NFC East had made a decision like that, the players more than likely would not have reacted like the Eagles’ players did. This shows you that the team has completely bought in and wants to win at all cost. Can you say the same for the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys? Probably not. The Eagles believe they can achieve greatness, this is a quality that Chip Kelly wants in his team.

"“Chip is different, he’s a cool guy, he’s honest, he loves hard work and [being] respectful. We have a great relationship.” – Running Back LeSean McCoy"

Of course great coaching and attitude can only take you so far, talent plays a key role in winning. The Philadelphia Eagles have an abundance of talent. From top to bottom the Eagles have the best Offense in the league let alone the NFC East. Even with the dumping of DeSean Jackson, the Eagles drafted the right receivers to fit the scheme and traded for Running Back Darren Sproles. The team still has a crazy amount of weapons that can light up a score board. The one weakness the team had was the Defense. The Eagles made it a point this offseason and draft to bulk up a promising Defense. The team drafted and signed multiple players to fix a leaky and thin secondary and used its first round pick on Outside Linebacker Marcus Smith. The team is more talented and deeper than last season. This isn’t good news for the NFC East.

The Philadelphia Eagles compared to the rest of the NFC East are superior in many areas. In coaching, the Eagles have the advantage over the aging Giants Coach Tom Coughlin, and the Cowboys Coach Jason Garret, who by some miracle still has a job after 3 disappointing seasons, and Redskins rookie Coach Jay Gruden. As mentioned the Eagles are head and shoulders above the division on the offensive side of the ball. The Eagles have found their Quarterback for the future. The other teams have no such luxury. Cowboys QB Tony Romo has had multiple back surgeries, 1 playoff win, and is 34 years old. Giants QB Eli Manning had a historically terrible season last year. Eli is a turnover machine and he doesn’t have much years left in him. Redskins QB Robert Griffin had a good rookie season in 2012, but took too many hits that lead to a torn ACL. A year later “RG3” still took hits, threw bad passes, and eventually got benched. Now Griffin has to learn a new offense this season. The Defenses in the division aren’t very good. This is one area that the other teams, except the Cowboys, might have the upper hand on the Eagles. Still, the Eagles have enough promise to keep them in the driver seat in the division. The Eagles defense needs to prove they can play. If so, the Eagles will control the division with ease next year. Philadelphia has key advantages that make them the bully in the division.

The NFC East was up for grabs last season and the Philadelphia Eagles snatched it. Now the Eagles need to tighten their grasp and not let it go. The Eagles are primed to control the division for years to come. The team is on the right path, and have the right personnel, attitude, and talent to do so. The Eagles aren’t perfect, far from it, but the team knows that. The front office and Chip Kelly have a plan to push this team to success. It’s a refreshing sight to see the confidence the team, coaches, and fans have. There’s something special brewing in Philly, and compared to the teams in the division, the Philadelphia Eagles are the class of the NFC East.