Philadelphia Eagles: Five Observations vs. Cardinals

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Cary Williams and Nate Allen have to go

There’s not a lot more to say about these two. With 9:19 seconds left to go in the second quarter, the Cardinals with 3rd down and 6 deep in their own territory, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams gets burned by Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown on a short pass down the sideline. Williams didn’t even have a play. (Brown looks like he is about 16 but runs like the wind) Brown blew by him like he was standing still, caught an unbelievable pass for the first down. All of naught as the Eagles were called for one of their 11 penalties which gave the Cardinals the first down anyway.

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  • And Nate Allen. Where do I start with him? Well, before I start he did have one great play on the fumble recovery. Excellent footwork and heads up play. But I digress.

    I don’t have the time or the patience to count the times he’s blown his assignments. The late touchdown pass to Cardinals wide receiver John Brown was indicative of Allen’s existence with the Eagles. As a safety, one would think he would, under no circumstance let a receiver behind him. The Eagles needed just one more stop. Instead Allen and Williams gave them the go ahead score.

    But alas, Williams was beat again in coverage and Allen didn’t protect the deep ball. And the young John Brown made a name for himself at these two guys’ expense. I realize it takes a team to win or lose but these guys added an extra helping of ineptness to the field.

    These are harsh words but the truth needs to be spoken. If Williams had more picks then let him run his mouth as much as he wants. Shoot, call everyone out, no one would care. But the problem is he talks a lot more than he produces. Not sure what Kelly sees in him but he has to go.