Philadelphia Eagles Need Nick Foles To Return


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While the Philadelphia Eagles begin to slide into mediocrity, one thing is clear, Quarterback Nick Foles needs to return and soon. The Mark Sanchez experiment was interesting while it lasted, to say the least. Now I’m going to say this right now, I’m not sure if Nick Foles is the long term solution at QB for the Eagles, but he gives the team the best shot to win Football games this year, which is all that matters at this point.

Before Nick Foles injured his collar bone versus the Houston Texans, I was arguably his harshest critic. The back pedaling in the pocket, throwing off his back foot, and the bone head throws were enough for me to almost call for Mark Sanchez. The reason I didn’t want Sanchez was because I knew what he was. Sanchez is very inconsistent, he would make throws that would make you say wow and re watch the play, but then he would throw picks that were just horrendous. People, including myself, hated the interceptions Foles threw, but the fact is, the Eagles were still winning, as Foles would step up in the big moments. With Sanchez the interceptions and turnovers are still there, but the wins are quickly disappearing.

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The Eagles will have to soldier one more game without Nick Foles, as he still hasn’t been cleared to play. The chance of making the playoffs are dwindling. The only hope is that Nick can make it before seasons end versus the New York Giants in week 17. As a critic of Nick Foles I personally never wanted to give him excuses for his poor play. But after seeing Mark Sanchez with a healthy offensive line and running back that is back in form, you have to imagine what Nick Foles, a Pro Bowler can do.

Foles played with a patchwork offensive line and a struggling running back in LeSean McCoy. Now as mentioned, this still doesn’t excuse Nick Foles poor play, but these combination of things definitely contributed to Foles decline from his magical 2013 season. Last season Foles went bananas and threw for 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. This seems like a while ago, but not every QB can put up numbers like that. 27 and 2 is unachievable, we all know this, but with all the pieces back for Philadelphia Nick Foles now has an even better supporting cast then last season. Foles has proven to step up in big moments, he deserves another shot with a fully loaded offense now.

It’s simple at this point, the Philadelphia Eagles need Nick Foles to return and soon. This season is very much up in the air, and Nick Foles needs to be the guy that can turn it around. It will have to wait a week, as he has been ruled out for the Washington game, but Nick needs to hit the ground running when he returns. Nick Foles might not be the future of the Eagles at the Qb position, but he’s the better option the team has at this point. The Philadelphia Eagles hopes are falling fast. Philly needs to rely on other teams losing to get a shot at least making the playoffs. The Eagles are also praying that Nick Foles can at least play somewhere near his 2013 status and make a serious run if/when they make the playoffs. Seems like a tall task, but anything that can happen, will happen. The Eagles hopes are fading, but are still alive, they just need that spark, and Nick Foles can be the one that ignites the fire.