How former Eagles star Cre’Von LeBlanc helped Renegades upstage Cowboys

Cre'von LeBlanc #34 Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Cre'von LeBlanc #34 Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

Every season on every NFL team, guys wind up on the injured reserve or they’re released. In some cases, they wind up on other teams. In other instances, they return. In others still, they travel a winding road that eventually returns them to the roster. Cre’Von LeBlanc didn’t spend a long time in a Philadelphia Eagles jersey, but he wound up as a fan favorite anyway.

Since leaving the City of Brotherly Love, he has found his way to four other NFL locker rooms before winding up in the XFL. Believe it or not, Strap can now call himself a champion.

In the XFL’s final game of the season on Saturday, May 14th, he helped deliver what the Dallas Cowboys haven’t been able to, deliver another pro football championship to the great state of Texas.

The Arlington Renegades defeated the D.C. Defenders by a 35-26 final score in the XFL Championship. Thanks to a game-sealing interception from LeBlanc, he has officially cemented himself as Dallas’ top and most successful defensive back.

Thanks to the Renegades, the greater Dallas area has another championship, the first in 28 years. All it took was a third XFL reboot, 19 years after the league saw its birth… three years after coronavirus shut it down for a second time.

Congratulations to Cre’Von LeBlanc and the Arlington Renegades, a team Dallas can actually be proud of

If you haven’t followed the XFL all season, you have been missing a treat. Let’s just say this outcome was FAR from expected. If you’re looking for an NFL comparison, think of the 2020 Washington Football Team winning a Super Bowl that season over the mighty Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Arlington entered the game with a 5-6 win-loss total and toppled one of the XFL’s best teams, a D.C. squad that owned a 10-1 record.

All in all, the game wound up being entertaining. With 1:17 remaining on the game clock, the Defenders scored and failed on a two-point conversion, but that closed the gap and gave them a shot with a nine-point deficit (35-26), hardly an insurmountable total.

The XFL allows three-point conversions in extra-point situations, making nine points a one-possession game. Trailing teams are also allowed to attempt an onside kick or try their hand at converting a 4th and 15 play. The attempting team hangs on to the ball if either attempt is converted.

D.C. elected to try their hand at converting a 4th and 15 scenario. Wouldn’t you know it? A bad-looking pass wound up in the hands of Cre’Von LeBlanc. Take a look at this one for yourselves.

Yes indeed. Strap is a champion. Renegades’ quarterback, Luis Perez took some time to enjoy the moment.

Some would argue that calling yourself ‘World Champs’ in a  league that isn’t the highest professional level of the sport is downright disrespectful, and uh… Yeah… It is!

Still, congratulations are in order for Cre’Von LeBlanc, not only for winning the XFL Championship but also for assisting in embarrassing the Dallas Cowboys. Strap now has a championship ring on the way, and that’s something no defensive back on the Dallas Cowboys roster has been able to state since the 1995 NFL season.

He should be proud of that. Here’s a slow clap. Wait! Does that mean he’s more successful than any Cowboys cornerback has been recently? This is an XFL/NFL comparison… Here’s a better question. Do we acknowledge this as the end of a near-28-year championship drought?

Regardless of how you look at that, raise those glasses. We’re toasting another 28 years of misery in Dallas.

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