Only Grinches Counting Philadelphia Eagles Out of Playoffs


Stop me if you’ve heard this at some point this week, but the Philadelphia Eagles stink. They’re terrible. They’re an impostor. And moreover, the Philadelphia Eagles just don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Well before you go running to place all your Eagles gear in the closet until next August, consider the fact that since 2000, only three No. 1 seeds have won the Super Bowl — the 2009 Saints, the 2003 Patriots, and the 2013 Seattle Seahawks. As any poker player knows, a chip and chair can create anarchy in the final stages of the tournament.

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Record for every NFL team based on their current odds as favorites or underdogs /


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  • After losing to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles lost any control of their own destiny, but they didn’t lose their ability to make the playoffs. While the easiest task would be winning the NFC East, it’s still conceivable that the Eagles make the playoffs as a wild card. Don’t believe so? Well then you must have also figured it was a given that the Buffalo Bills would defeat the Green Bay Packers as well.

    Before any talk of what teams need to lose (Hint: The Colts need to win this weekend) let’s cheer our beloved Philadelphia Eagles this weekend against the Washington Redskins. After that, let’s cheer the Eagles against the New York Giants. Because, regardless of what happens elsewhere, the Eagles now must defeat both divisional rivals in order to even hope to make the playoffs. And fortunately for the Eagles, week 16 has a great scheduling quirk that might just enable every chip to fall into place

    The Eagles face Washington this Saturday. While we know that the Eagles must win out to stand a chance, but we also know that Dallas needs to lose a game in order for the Eagles to win the division. There have already been murmurs in the mainstream media that the Indianapolis Colts could rest starters. Unfortunately those rumors were unfounded because the Colts are not locked into their current seeding. However unlikely, the Colts still have a chance at a bye week should the Broncos falter in their last two games. Additionally, the Colts are not locked into the three seed, which would potentially cost them a home game in the conference finals. Because the Broncos face the Cincinnati Bengals, the Colts need to win against Dallas to ensure themselves of not losing ground to either squad in a tight AFC race.

    But in the end, it comes down to how the Philadelphia Eagles play football. If they dig themselves a hole through special teams mistakes, they don’t stand a chance. If they commit turnovers, they likely won’t defeat even the Redskins. And if they cannot get consistent and constant pressure on the opposing quarterback, they’ll find themselves in a similar situation as Sunday night. But those mistakes haven’t happened yet. And as a fan-base, we need to hope that those mistakes will not repeat themselves. Because there is still time left in this season, and the future is not set. And until mathematically eliminated, hope springs eternal for a shot at the playoffs. So go Colts, Cardinals, Bears (oh my?), and Buccaneers this weekend…and most importantly, go Eagles!