Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Mistakes To Avoid – Part II

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Dec 7, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles fans during the second half against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Mistakes To Avoid – Part II

Monday.   I can’t believe we made it.   After a pretty good football game, in which both head coaches had complete control over the team and the personnel of that team (yes, I had to thrown that in there), the entire NFL now knows the order of the draft.   Oh, that draft.   It’s coming up.   But before we get there, the Philadelphia Eagles have found themselves in the midst of some housecleaning.

Tom Gamble moved on, at the insistence of Howie Roseman.   Howie Roseman was promoted out of a job, at the insistence of Jeff Lurie.    Jeff Lurie had to step in and fix the personnel department, at the insistence of Chip Kelly.   Meanwhile, the media and the fans had a field day on the developments.

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But the sentiments were more public than private.  Those who are most IN THE KNOW believe it was the right thing to do, the best thing to do. Former Eagles Director of Pro Personnel, Louis Riddick, tweeted this when the news broke about Tom Gamble:

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So Louis Riddick joined the folks at 97.5 “The Jon and Sean Show” on 30 January 2015. After some discussion of the Super Bowl game, He went on to say

"Well I think what’s happened is that now it’s the way it should have been for a long time. Let’s put it that way, now it has finally gotten… let’s just say it’s been cleaned up. And now the people who are doing what they should be doing are doing what they should be doing. And the people who shouldn’t be doing what they are doing are no longer doing it.  I mean Tom Gamble, Jason Licht, I’m gonna throw myself in there.   These are some quality football person, some football people who really know what they’re doing- people who know the game, who have strong personalities, who ah… Let’s just say they went into Philadelphia one way and left there another way."

Cleaned up. Interesting choice of words. But what should the fans expect from the tandem of head coach Chip Kelly and the promoted Ed Marynowitz to Vice President of Player Personnel?  Riddick was confident that the pair would be cohesive, but not acquiescing. Chip Kelly has a clear vision of what he wants, and the perception is that Marynowitz has a good and successful slant on what it takes to make a successful team.  Riddick was quick to downplay concerns that this pair does not have enough worldliness.     He stated outright that Marynowitz will identify the football player that Kelly wants.   After all, isn’t that the goal?   Kelly writes the ingredients, Marynowitz does the shopping, and Roseman keeps them in budget.

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  • But there is uncertainty, and so there are many sources of media with differing opinions.   But the only opinion that really counts is the opinion of those whose jobs are on the line.   And for now, this is the fix they’ve looked for -for many many years.   So what should fans do now that the team is “fixed” in the front office?   Let’s think about that: