Report: Philadelphia Eagles Open To Trading Marcus Smith


It’s obvious that Philadelphia Eagles outside linebacker Marcus Smith had a rough rookie season in 2014. The team questionably spent a first round draft pick on Smith and he struggled to get on the field. Not because of injury, no, he just wasn’t playing well enough…in practice. We talkin’ ’bout practice!

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly now controls all personnel decisions and it’s clear he was never a fan of the Smith pick based on his comments to the media. That’s led us to this, according to a report by Mark Eckel of, the Eagles are now open to trading Smith for a draft pick or in a package to move up in the draft or acquire a player. Here’s what Eckel and his source had to say regarding this rumor:

"“I don’t think they’ll flat out give him away,” he said. “But if they can use him in a package to move up, I think they’ll do it. I’m not just talking about the first round. They could use him in the second, or even third round, too.”One scenario could have Smith perhaps going to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for linebacker Dion Jordan, with some picks, or other players, involved as well. Jordan, the Dolphins’ 2013 first-round pick, has been a major disappointment."

The idea of trading for Jordan is a very intriguing one, considering the Eagles had interest in the former Oregon Duck during the 2012 NFL Draft. He’s more of an ideal fit for the Eagles at outside linebacker and he’s clearly on his way out of Miami, according to multiple reports. Packaging Smith with possibly a day three pick for Jordan would actually be a win for the Eagles, as long as Jordan can get his act together.

Of course it would be embarrassing to see Kelly and the Eagles give up on a former first round pick just a year after he was drafted. But if it lands them Jordan, who plays the exact same position and should be an upgrade, I’d deal with the embarrassment. Trading Smith for just a pick by itself wouldn’t be a bad idea either, especially if it’s somewhere during day two of the draft, but I just don’t see that happening.

A swap of Smith for Jordan would make sense for both sides and instead of adding a pick to sweeten the deal, the Eagles could potentially use cornerback Brandon Boykin in a trade for Jordan as well. That may not go too well among Philadelphia’s fanbase but Boykin only has one year left on his rookie contract and doesn’t really fit what the Eagles look for in a cornerback. If he’s going to walk in free agency following the season anyway, they might as well try and get value for him now. Same goes for linebacker Mychal Kendricks, who has also been the talk of some trade rumors this offseason, potentially in a trade up for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

It’s clear now that Kelly has control, he has no problem getting rid of anyone, and I mean anyone. He’s already traded arguably the team’s best player in running back LeSean McCoy and didn’t care about the backlash he received. Trading Smith, Boykin or Kendricks could be the next move or moves Kelly makes…and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

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