Philadelphia Eagles Player Profile: Allen Barbre


Up next in my Philadelphia Eagles Player Profile or “PEPP” series is offensive linemen Allen Barbre. In this series of post, I’ll discuss each and every single player on the Eagles’ current 90-man roster, in alphabetical order. For each player, I’ll discuss their career history, measurables, individual outlook for the Eagles in 2015 and their chance to make the final 53-man roster.

Prior to Eagles starting right tackle Lane Johnson’s suspension last offseason, Barbre was supposed to just be a “super sub” off the bench that could play multiple positions in case of emergency. But once Johnson was suspended, Barbre was called upon to start at right tackle. He played just 33 snaps in the first game of the season and then suffered a season ending high ankle sprain. Heading into the upcoming season, Barbre will have to step up big time and fill in the shoes of former starting left guard, Evan Mathis.

Career History

Drafted 119th overall in the 4th round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers, Barbre didn’t have the highest expectations in the NFL. Barbre tried playing multiple positions for the Packers in his three years with the team but failed to ever make an impact. He then spent some time with the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins before eventually signing with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. His first two seasons in midnight green were as a reserve linemen but in 2015 he’ll be relied upon to be a full-time starter at left guard.


Allen Barbre’s measurables, according to

Although he’s 31-years old, Barbre possesses some surprising athleticism. Currently listed at 6-4, 310 pounds, Barbre is about the average size of an NFL guard but he’s got some freakish measurements, well at least he did back in 2007 during the pre-draft process. His 4.84 40-yard dash is just unbelievable for any 300 pound person to run. Yet the Eagles’ offensive line is full of freakish athletes and that’s exactly what head coach Chip Kelly wants in his uptempo, no-huddle scheme. Barbre’s vertical jump of 32-inches is impressive as well considering that’s how high some NBA players jump as well. Just let that settle in.

Eagles’ Outlook for 2015

The upcoming season for Barbre will be unlike any other in his NFL career thus far. He’s going to finally be relied upon to be a full-time starter from day 1 of training camp. Barbre will start at left guard, Evan Mathis’ former position and those are obviously hard shoes to fill. But given his athleticism and multiple seasons of experience in Kelly’s scheme, he should fill-in adequately. Of course Barbre will struggle at times but with only 8 career starts, that is to be expected.

Chip Kelly’s #Culture Grade: 👍👍

Two thumbs up. Considering Kelly was the head coach of the Eagles when they signed Barbre in 2013, he clearly is a fan of his. Kelly has showered Barbre with praise all season, even while Mathis was still on the team earlier in the offseason. Barbre seems like a no nonsense, hard-nosed player that just cares about getting the job done. At the end of the day, that’s all Kelly cares about.

Chance of Making Eagles Final 53-Man Roster: 100%

There’s no chance that Barbre doesn’t make the Eagles’ final roster in 2015. He’s locked into a starting job at left guard and will be relied upon a whole lot during the upcoming season. It’ll be interesting to see if Barbre can hold up throughout the entire season as a starter given his history as mostly a spot starter. Kelly clearly understood the risk he took by releasing Mathis but he believes 100% that Barbre can be his replacement.

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