Bold Predictions: Derek Barnett will makes the NFL Pro Bowl


With training camp rapidly approaching, it’s time to start making some bold predictions for 2017.

Do you hear that? It’s coming…and no, this isn’t for all of the Game of Thrones fans. This is about the 2017 NFL season. This week, teams will begin reporting for training camp, and that finally signals the beginning of meaningful football. Soon, the pads will be on, meaning fans will be able to see if the hype is for real. Before that happens, it’s time to make some bold predictions for the season. For the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans, here’s a big one. Rookie defensive end Derek Barnett will have 11 sacks and make the Pro Bowl. 

Can it be done?

Believe it or not, this is actually a fairly realistic goal for the rookie. Barnett produced all three years with the Tennessee Volunteers, and so far, the word is that he’s carrying those skills over to the NFL quite nicely. Obviously, everyone will know more when he suits up in full gear, but as of now, things are looking good.

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles /

Philadelphia Eagles

Tools at his disposal

Barnett is great at timing the snap of the ball, which is basically half the battle. Getting a good jump at the line won’t allow offensive lineman to get a step on him, and it will put him at an immediate advantage. Barnett can then use what is probably his best ability, his ability to bend the edge.

He excels at keeping his pad level so low that it becomes difficult for offensive tackles to get their hands on him. If tackles continue to get beat by the same move, they’ll, in turn, try to get a jump at the snap. That adjustment will then open them up to counter moves and inside moves.

If Barnett is able to play mind games with the offensive tackles of the NFL, he’ll be able to put up some serious numbers.

He’s not alone

In many cases, first-round picks are expected to be the top player at their position. With that being said, Barnett doesnt have to come in and be the guy. He has Brandon Graham on the other side and Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan in the middle. Those players command a significant amount of attention, and that should set Barnett up with a lot of one on one opportunities. These situations will allow Barnett to use the tools mentioned above.

The next great Eagles pass rusher

Barnett has the opportunity to be the next great Eagles pass rusher. He has the tools and ability to begin producing from day one. If he’s able to put it all together his first year in the league, don’t be surprised to see him suiting up in Orlando for the Pro Bowl.