Eagles roster hopeful Bryce Treggs might need help paying his fine

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 10: Bryce Treggs
GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 10: Bryce Treggs /

Eagles wide receiver Bryce Treggs has been fined for one of his blocks against the Packers.

Philadelphia Eagles second-year wide receiver Bryce Treggs has had a rough last couple of weeks. Not only did he suffer an injury in the first preseason game, but it looks like he’ll be paying a fine as well. Treggs was issued a hefty $25,000 fine on Monday afternoon. Credit that to a block that he threw against Green Bay Packers safety Damarious Randall.

Treggs was aware that the hit may have looked dirty, but he assured the media that the helmet-to-helmet collision was unintentional. Although he is aware of his mistake, that didn’t stop the NFL from punishing the young roster hopeful.

It seems like the NFL gives out fines like they’re candy, so they never seem like a big deal. Almost every week of the regular season somebody gets fined for something different. Unfortunately for Treggs, his financial situation may be a little bit different than the usual suspects.

Practice squad doesn’t pay that well…

According to Treggs, a fine of this amount isn’t in the budget for what he makes yearly. Remember, Treggs was an undrafted free agent who was called up from the practice squad. This season he’s battling for a roster spot, so it makes his fine even more difficult to pay.

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Let’s be honest though. Could this fine be a blessing in disguise? Think about it. If Treggs’ financial situation makes it difficult to pay his fine, then maybe he’ll be even hungrier to make the final roster. He started this preseason as the Eagles’ leading receiver, but he sat out the second game due to an injury.

The next two games will be Treggs’ most important games of his career. He needs to survive the preseason and make the final cut.

The wide receiver battle is pretty tight right now with Marcus Johnson and Greg Ward showing off, but Treggs has made his case as well. For his financial sake, we hope Treggs can make enough to take care of his bill.