LeGarrette Blount reminds the Eagles to remain humble.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: LeGarrette Blount
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: LeGarrette Blount /

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount is sharing his wisdom with his teammates.

It is no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. They headline the NFC at 5-1 coming off of a tough road win against the Carolina Panthers. As they head into a divisional match up next Monday against the Washington Redskins, the Eagles are trying to stay grounded.

Just last year, the Eagles finished the season with a 7-9 record. Obviously expecting a re-build type of season, Eagles fans kept expectations in check. At one point during the offseason, the most realistic outcome of this season was simply making it to the playoffs. Now after six games that resulted in five wins, the Eagles have magically become Super Bowl contenders.

Since the Eagles are a team that is filled with tons of young talent, not many players on the roster have much post-season experience. In fact, there are only five players on the current roster that have at least one Super Bowl ring in their career. One of them is running back LeGarrette Blount.

Take it from a leader…

Last season, Blount was a member of the New England Patriots. In case you forgot, he was in the presence of the Lombardi trophy just about eight months ago. Although he knows what its like to win, he understands that things could dramatically change in one week.

Blount may only be in Philly on a one-year deal, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t committed helping the Eagles become successful. Not only has he been dominant in the run game, but he has been a solid leader as well. NBC Sports Philadelphia caught up with Blount earlier in the week to hear what he had to say about the Eagles success so far. Although he was excited, he sounded like he was keeping reality in check.

Blount’s advice:

"“We could go 6-10, so we don’t want to jump the gun, jump to conclusions. We want to make sure we take it week by week, day by day, keep a level head and make sure we’re going to be ready for whoever the next opponent is.”“You have to stay grounded,” Blount said. “You have to stay humble and make sure that all the guys that are in the building are on the same page. The coaches, the staff, everybody is on the same page, ignoring the noise, not worrying about what other teams are doing, what other teams’ records are — just worrying about ourselves and locked into us.”"

Be humble…

Blount’s advice will surely have an impact on the Eagles locker room. It is no secret that he comes from one of the most successful franchises in football, so his experience gives him tons of credibility. If Blount’s words of advice do not register to Eagles players, then maybe a flashback to last season will.

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The Eagles started off the season undefeated as they headed into their bye week 3-0. They ended up finishing the season with more losses than wins and missing the playoffs. The Minnesota Vikings 2016 season is another perfect example. Similar to the Eagles this year, they had a 5-1 start that was followed by a four-week losing streak. They ended up 8-8 without making the playoffs. In a league where anything can happen, the Eagles know that they must take everything week-by-week in order to be successful in the long-run.