Carson Wentz isn’t surprised by Philadelphia Eagles’ success


They’re all smiles in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room. Just ask the team’s second-year quarterback, Carson Wentz.

As surprising as the Philadelphia Eagles have been this season, this probably should have all been expected. Second-year quarterback Carson Wentz is a winner. He always has been. He won in high school, and he won at the collegiate level. Last year was the aberration.

Philadelphia struggled to a 7-9 record while Wentz, in the process, set a record for completions by a rookie. In spite of the tough season, two things stayed on the minds of Eagles fans all off-season. One, that Wentz kid was pretty good, and second some of those losses could have easily been wins.

The “Wentz Wagon” is picking up some steam.

Philadelphia Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles

“I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. It’s a lot of fun and we have to enjoy it while we can.” That’s how the Eagles QB described the vibe around the Eagles locker room these days as he closed his most recent post-game presser. As is customary, he met with the Philadelphia media following the team’s 37-9 victory over the Chicago Bears.

He credits his coaches with “putting the guys in the right spots to make plays”. He talked about the comradery on the team, but what wasn’t mentioned was his meteoric ascension.

Wentz is a proven winner.

A few weeks ago, Wentz stated the game was slowing down for him. Some wondered whether he’d be bitten by the sophomore jinx in 2017. Others expected he’d continue to develop. Still, if you knew this guy would take the massive leap that he’s taken this season, you might be in the wrong business.

You may need to relocate to Las Vegas and hang out with the guys over there.

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Team chemistry can’t be overstated though. We all have jobs. Most of us can attest to the fact that work gets easier when you enjoy the company of the people you work with. It’s no different when we’re talking about an NFL locker room. They’re 53 co-workers. They’re 25 coaches. That dynamic exists on every team, but in the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, something special is going on. These guys like playing with each other and for each other. QB number one said it best.

“We’re having a blast.” Now, what else needs to be said when you hear something like that?