Lincoln Financial Field will allow dog masks this weekend

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Defensive end Chris Long
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Defensive end Chris Long /

Philadelphia Eagles fans better get their underdog masks ready!

What a weekend it has been for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles! After an impressive 15-10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles are one win away from heading to Minnesota for Super Bowl 52. Even without their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, the Eagles have managed to secure their first playoff victory since the 2009 NFC Championship run.

Last week was frustrating for the Eagles locker room. Despite being the number one seed in the NFC, they were labeled as underdogs. After feeling completely disrespected by the public, the showed out. The underdogs of the NFC ended up shocking the national media this weekend and had some fun doing it.

After the big victory at home, Eagles right tackle, Lane Johnson threw on a hilariously random dog mask. After some thought, everybody quickly realized that it was a symbol for underdogs. The still shots of Johnson quickly flooded the internet and immediately became a hit around the NFL world.

The Underdog bites back…

Get yours now!

The underdog masks have become such a hit in Philadelphia, that the Amazon page selling them has become flooded with Eagles fans. Multiple reviews had quotes such as “Go Eagles” which hilariously had plenty of approval votes to go with it.

Now, the number one best selling mask has become some popular in the city. Everybody and their moms are on the internet trying to get one. The Eagles’ organization has caught on to the major trend and now they are actually bending their own rules this weekend to join in on the fun.

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Lincoln Financial Field has announced that for this Sunday’s game, Eagles fans will be allowed to wear dog masks in the stadium. How awesome is that? For those watching from home, expect to see plenty of dog heads on your television. We are sure the national media will love to talk about this. For those attending the game, you may want to get your mask sooner than later. They are selling out quickly.