All things Boston are banned in Philly for Eagles Super Bowl week

Don’t you dare think about ordering anything to do with Boston in Philadelphia this week.

It has been a long time since the city of Philadelphia last had a sports team in the championship. For the Philadelphia Eagles, they haven’t seen a Super Bowl appearance since 13 years ago. What’s crazy is that they are facing the same team, the New England Patriots. After beating the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons once again, the Eagles are hoping to not let history repeat itself by letting the Patriots repeat as champs once again.

Welcome to the week where we will not stop hearing about the 2004 season. Eagles lost, yet again. Donovan McNabb threw up in the huddle. Patriots cheated all throughout the season. Andy Reid’s awful clock management. Trust us, whatever the national media is talking about this week, Philadelphians have heard for 13 years straight.

You would think that over time Eagles’ fans would get over the heartbreaking loss. Nope, nobody can seem to just forget about the season that felt like it would be the first time the Eagles bring a Vince Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia. Being that the Tom Brady-led Patriots are the reason for that, the hate for the Patriots has grown stronger and stronger over time.

The hate towards Boston this week has been very real though. Sure, people talk about hating the Patriots of the 2000’s era all the time. But do people actually go to the extremes and eliminate all things Boston, though? Probably not. But in Philadelphia, anything with the word “Boston” in it will be removed.

No Brotherly love for Boston…

Boston is banned…

We sure hope you know the deal if you’re out in Philadelphia this week. Do you want a Boston Creme donut? Better pick another flavor. Samuel Adams beer? Well, they purposely forgot to fill that one up. Hungry for some Boston Market? Just make sure you look out for the handmade sign that replaced Boston with Philly.

No games are being played here in the city of brotherly love. It seems like Super Bowl appearances only happen every once in a blue moon and everybody is taking full advantage of it. So if you feel like getting anything to do with Boston while you’re out and about, it is probably best to hold off until next week. And if the Eagles somehow don’t come away with a victory like we know they can, then everything Boston will most likely be banned for a little longer. It makes sense.