Nick Foles plans to donate his book profits to charity


Philadelphia Eagles players continue to give to charity one player at a time.

Another day, another Philadelphia Eagles player trying to make the world a better place. This time it’s Nick Foles who plans to turn his profits into charity donations. For years, NFL players have done a ton of charity work with their paychecks and platform. But the Super Bowl champion Eagles really raised the bar high this offseason when it comes to donations.

It all started before the first week of the regular season kicked off. Eagles veteran defensive end Chris Long decided he would donate his first six game checks to his own foundation for his charitable efforts. After realizing the impact he could make, Long upped the ante and primarily played all 16 games for free in 2017.

More recently, Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz took his AO1 foundation to the next level. As he put together a charity softball game over the offseason, he also announced that he would eventually launch a non-profit food truck business feeding people around Philadelphia.

Now, Nick Foles gets in on the action as he continues his hot streak of being the MVP of Super Bowl LII. After releasing his book titled “Believe it: My Journey of Success” Foles made it clear that he does not intend on taking the profits for his personal use. Instead, one-hundred percent of the book’s revenue will be donated to charity.

On a mission:

Nick Foles has been everywhere over the last few days. Shortly after his book hit the shelves, he traveled all around doing meet n’ greets with fans along with exclusive interviews. And as Foles remains a hot commodity this offseason, he is still as humble as ever. With his Super Bowl success, and now his newfound fame as an author, Foles wants to do nothing more than to give back.

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What’s next for Foles? We’re not sure yet. As of right now, the new Philly legend will resume his role as Wentz’s backup on the offense. As he has made it clear he would like another opportunity to run an offense of his own, he hasn’t ruled out a return to Philly in 2019 to continue to be Wentz’s backup. We will re-visit the topic when the times comes though. For now, let’s just applaud Foles for his success and his generosity.