Philadelphia Eagles: Jay Ajayi finds a new agent that fans won’t like

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Jay Ajayi
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Jay Ajayi /

As long as Jay Ajayi doesn’t start working out on his front lawn, the Philadelphia Eagles should be okay.

This upcoming NFL season is set to be a big one for the Philadelphia Eagles. For the first time, they start off the season on top defending their championship. Although they ended on a high note in 2017, this year multiple young players will shift their attention to their contracts for the first time in their career. One Eagles player is already gearing up for the business side of the NFL this offseason.

On Thursday morning, Eagles running back Jay Ajayi popped back up in the local news as he decided to switch agents recently. Unfortunately, many Eagles fans were far from thrilled with Ajayi’s choice of representation heading into his contract year. Remember Drew Rosenhaus? You know, the guy who was on the phone with Terrell Owens during the infamous holdout back in the day? Yea well, he is Ajayi’s brand new agent as of today. Being that Rosenhaus is one of, if not, the most powerful agents in football, it is clear that Ajayi will be chasing the money after 2018.

The former fifth-round pick became a star just two seasons ago with the Miami Dolphins. He made himself known as the clear-cut number one back with the Dolphins offense as he finished the 2016 season as a top-five back. 2017 looked a lot different for Ajayi, though as things went South in Miami.

Many Dolphins reporters have stated that Ajayi’s poor attitude resulted in the Dolphins trading him to Philly for a fourth-round pick. Although Ajayi didn’t exactly pick up any slack here, he is looking to take over a backfield once again this season with LeGarrette Blount out of the picture.

Should Eagles fans be worried?

Drew Rosenhaus left a bad taste in Eagles fans mouth years ago. So it is understandable that many people aren’t too thrilled about the Eagles getting involved with Rosenhaus again. But what many fans don’t realize is that Rosenhaus has dealt with some big names in Philadelphia beyond the Terrell Owens years.

Former Philadelphia superstars like DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy were both repped by the super agent during their times in Philadelphia. While both guys got paid pretty well, there were no issues between Rosenhaus and the Eagles front office in the process of breaking the bank for two of their superstars.

Some may argue that Jackson and McCoy’s departure could’ve been avoided if Rosenhaus spoke up, but could you really believe that? What Chip Kelly and the old Eagles staff did had nothing to do with Jackson and McCoy’s representation at the time.

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So for the worried Eagles fans, you can remain calm. Ajayi has made it clear that he is coming to work with or without a new deal and he is looking to earn himself a big payday. And who knows, maybe the Eagles aren’t even looking to keep Ajayi long-term, anyway. After all, it did seem like a win-now move when they traded for him to begin with. Only time will tell how this will go, but Eagles fans should not get too worked up about this.