Eagles legendary safety Brian Dawkins receives his gold jacket

Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Former Philadelphia Eagles safety Brian Dawkins gets to see his Hall of Fame gear for the first time.

Philadelphia Eagles legend, Brian Dawkins will forever remember the year of 2018. Not only did he watch his former team win their first Super Bowl. But the nine-time Pro Bowler was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Not just the Eagles Hall of Fame, either. The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dawkins’ journey was an incredible one. While back in his college days at Clemson, many scouts labeled him as undersized. His shorter frame did not prevent him from being picked in the second-round though back in 1996. And ever since the Eagles took a chance on an ‘undersized’ safety who wears his heart on his sleeve, the franchise has never been the same.

Not too long after departing from his playing career, Dawkins came back to the city of brotherly love for a front office job with the Eagles. During that time, Dawkins continued to act as a mentor for young players who have joined the team.

The respect for No. 20 within the walls at the Nova Care Complex is through the roof. Many young players and fans of the Philadelphia Eagles know that they witnessed a future Hall of Famer for 13 seasons in Philly. Now, Dawkins finally gets his gold jacket to prove that he is one of the greats.

The Reaction:

We’ve seen the Eagles win it all this season. But seeing Brian Dawkins receive his Hall of Fame goodies over time is really starting to feel like another massive win for the Eagles organization. Ever since Dawkins became eligible to enter into the Hall, he has made it very clear that he wants all of his fans to be involved throughout the whole process.

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Now, we wait for August to come around so all the Eagles fans can flock to Canton, Ohio in their midnight green Dawkins gear. We can only assume that Dawkins’ speech will bring the high energy and emotions, just like they did on the field back in the day. We’re sure that his speech will be excellent, and the Eagles fans in the crowd will treat it as a home game. It’s only right.