Philadelphia Eagles are going to let Nick Foles walk

Howie Roseman has decided that he will not franchise tag Nick Foles.

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time letting everybody know their decision regarding backup quarterback, Nick Foles. At first, the Eagles wanted to retain Foles in what was supposed to be an attempt to trade him. So they picked up his $20 million option for 2019. Not too long after the Eagles did that, Nick Foles and his reps notified the team and told them he would be buying out his option for $2 million. That left the Eagles with an important decision.

They could’ve franchise tagged Foles for $25 million, in an attempt to trade him away. Or just let Foles walk. At this point, the Eagles have their minds made up. They are going to allow Nick Foles to test the free agency market without any restrictions. And just like that, Foles’ time in Philly is officially complete. Now, where will he end up next month?

Did the Eagles make the right move?

Out of the two moves the Eagles had left for Foles, I believe they made the right decision just to let him walk. By tagging Foles, the Eagles take a major risk by bringing his salary cap on board and run with the potential of getting low-balled in the trade market. Let’s not forget, just last year the Eagles were trying to trade Foles away after he was named the Super Bowl MVP, and even then teams were skeptical about sending more than a second-round pick to the Eagles.

This year, the price tag was a third-round pick. But as the rookie quarterback class begins to form, there’s a good chance that quarterback-needy teams decide to go with drafting a franchise quarterback, rather than paying for one in Nick Foles. A team would definitely pay Foles to play for them, but if Foles doesn’t see an opportunity to start, it may not be worth it. This spring should be interesting for No. 9.