Eagles media watch: Lane Johnson flexes his muscle on the Cowboys via Twitter

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 11: Lane Johnson /

Leave it to Lane Johnson to irritate another fan base and give Eagles fans a reason to smile when they log into their social media accounts.

It’s not like we needed to say this, but Lane Johnson is a ‘Bird’ through and through. The Philadelphia Eagles‘ star right tackle found a little nugget on Twitter, retweeted it and added a little of his own spice to it.

Hey, this is ’65’. Should we be surprised about this?

The same guy who tried to help lure Le’Veon Bell to Philly and said he’d rather have fun and be an Eagle than join the New England Patriots dynasty is at it again.

Things started off fairly Twitterish as someone with the handle @Trilladelphian posted something about Dallas Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence having no sacks against the Eagles in his career.

Well, you know ’65’ he found that statement, shared it and added some of that right tackle pizzazz to it. Take a look:


We at ITI did the numbers, and they’re correct, Since being drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Lawrence has played in 64 regular season games. He’s played the Eagles nine times, and he hasn’t registered one sack against them. He has 34 sacks for his career.

Is anyone else thinking Johnson might have something to do with that?

Lawrence signed a five-year, $105 million deal on Saturday with $65 million of that being guaranteed. Philly, as they always do, will meet Dallas twice in 2019. Seeing as how a statement such as this one has caused a stir, one might be able to say something with confidence.

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That Eagles and Cowboys rivalry was just given another reason to be a tad more intense when things get going. That will be the case at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. That will also be the case at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly.

We’ve tried to reach out to Lawrence for a comment. So far, he has yet to respond.