Philadelphia Eagles RT Lane Johnson joins Le’Veon Bell discussion

ST PAUL, MN - JANUARY 29: Lane Johnson
ST PAUL, MN - JANUARY 29: Lane Johnson /

Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson joins in on all of the Le’Veon Bell to Philly noise with a tweet of his own. Hey. It’s social media people.

Maybe we didn’t pay enough attention to Pittsburgh Steelers football. No, we’re being serious. Covering the Philadelphia Eagles is an all-day and everyday job. When your star right tackle is one of the biggest characters on the team, it makes for a lot of cool quotes and even more laughs. Yes, Lane Johnson is a boatload of fun.

Then, there’s the constant opportunities to mention the philanthropy of guys like Chris Long or Malcolm Jenkins and his attempts to improve social awareness. As a Philly fan, you always have much to talk about.

Who needs social media when you have a team like this? Then again, let’s rethink that.

Social media, Twitter in particular, has been one of the major playgrounds for journalists recently. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You go to school. You hone your craft, and then, after you do all of that, you pull up your cell phone and log in to your social media account.

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Long and Jenkins both took to social media over the past week for the same reason. Le’Veon Bell remains one of the most sought after talents in the entire NFL, and when the free agency period officially begins, he’ll play a big part in the reason why this portion of the NFL calendar has been nicknamed ‘The Frenzy’.

Long and Jenkins made their pitch. Johnson’s response didn’t garner the same attention, but honestly, did we think a guy who helped Amazon sell the entire world’s supply of dog masks was going to miss out on an opportunity to join in on the fun?

You’re naive if you thought he would.

If only this was a more realistic possibility. Sources have said Bell is seeking a deal along the lines of $50 million or more. That’s a lot for a running back. Heck that’s a lot for some quarterbacks, but given Philly’s cap concerns, it’s hard to imagine a deal getting done.

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It’s almost impossible to imagine a deal getting done, but look at the bright side. At least we all get some entertainment.