Philadelphia Eagles: Top 5 draft busts of the 2010s

Roger Goodell (L), Danny Watkins (R) (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Roger Goodell (L), Danny Watkins (R) (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /
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As the 2019 NFL Draft commences in a few hours, we look back at the previous years to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles top five draft busts since 2010.

This current decade for the Philadelphia Eagles has produced some of the best draft picks franchise in history. With selections such as Jason Kelce in 2011, Fletcher Cox in 2012, Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz in 2013. On the other hand, this decade has generated several sub-par athletes and a few busts. Today, we’ll recall the top five players who never lived up to the hype and fizzled out faster than Frank Gore’s stint with the Eagles.

Before we get started, we must first establish a clear definition of the term bust. A player is typically labeled a bust when he simply doesn’t perform up to or even near expectations from where he was drafted. A low draft pick or an undrafted free agent who doesn’t pan out would not be considered a bust because in professional sports, especially the NFL takes greater stock in higher rounds. Although the Eagles have drafted 75 players since 2010, we’ll only focus on the 25 athletes who have been selected in the first three rounds.

Before the final draft of this decade commences, we’ll look back through the recent years and figure out who deserves to be labeled a bust. Let’s kick it off with the 2011 draft. Which is without a doubt the worst draft class of the decade and arguably one of the worst in franchise history.