Joe Douglas talks up the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2019 roster

It was tough for Joe Douglas to leave the Philadelphia Eagles because he sees a highly successful season ahead of them in 2019.

The last few weeks have been difficult for the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the front office is still in excellent shape, they did lose a key contributor to the New York Jets. Last weekend, it was announced that Vice President of Player Personnel, Joe Douglas was getting a promotion. Unfortunately, said promotion is not with the Eagles. Instead, he’s now with the Jets.

Howie Roseman’s number two might be out of the picture now, but it wasn’t all that easy for him to leave. Despite receiving a generous promotion to take charge of the New York front office, Douglas saw something in the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles that made it very difficult for him to take the job with the Jets. Knowing the recent success that the Eagles had, maybe Douglas felt he wanted to finish what he and Howie Roseman have started here in Philly.

Obviously, Douglas ended up taking the job with the Jets, so his hard work with the Eagles is nothing but a memory now. But there’s no way he will leave the city without giving the Eagles their props. It’s too early to get overly excited about the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles, but Douglas isn’t making it easy for fans to remain calm. According to the former Vice President, he believes the Eagles are fitting to be a better team in 2019, than the Super Bowl-winning 2017 team.

Say what?

According to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, Douglas mentioned that the Eagles 2019 team is more profound than the team they had in 2017. Clearly, we all know how the 2017 Eagles fared out. Despite having a handful of critical injuries, the all-around talented Philadelphia Eagles made a run for the money and cashed out with the first Vince Lombardi trophy in team history. Now, Douglas believes there’s some potential in them doing it again.

“I really feel like that franchise, that football team, they’re firing on all cylinders,” Douglas said. “It’s as deep of a team as I’ve ever seen there. And that’s including the ’17 team. There’s a lot of good going on. And so that made it a really tough decision.”

Douglas remained loyal to the Eagles throughout the negotiation process with the Jets. Even after his initial interviews, and potential offers coming in, Douglas continued to show up to the Nova Care Complex to work with the team. He may no longer be within the organization, but since his departure, he’s had nothing but good things to say about the Eagles.

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