3 dream trade targets for Eagles from Browns before 2020 training camp

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1. Odell Beckham Jr.

Before football fans freak out over the thought of Cleveland trading their best receiver with the high expectations for 2020, keep in mind rumors surrounding Odell Beckham Jr. have already been swirling since last season.

As great as it was for the Browns to bring in a top wideout for Baker Mayfield to work with prior to last season after completing a trade with the Giants, Beckham has also been viewed as a headache at times throughout his career.

Take this into consideration that Beckham has just 10 touchdown catches over the last two years in 28 games between time spent with the Giants and Browns, it would be wise for Cleveland to consider all potential options in regards to their top wideout trade wise.

The hope is obviously that Beckham will quickly return to the effective level from his first three years in the NFL when he managed to catch 35 touchdowns in 43 games, whether he happens to remain in Cleveland or end up elsewhere.

Acquiring Beckham would most likely require giving up at least a future first-round pick, but also if this meant the Eagles would be in better shape at wideout for years to come, this would easily be worth the consideration.