6 Things Philadelphia Eagles 2021 cap issues tells us about their future

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Philadelphia Eagles

Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles are comfortably under the cap for the 2020 season, but in 2021, the franchise is over the cap by more than $50 million. Does that make 2020 a make-or-break season?

Vice president and general manager Howie Roseman has always worked cap space like a magician, and he’ll need to do so again in 2021. According to OvertheCap.com, if nothing changes, the Philadelphia Eagles will be $50 million over the cap by the time we reach next season. Oftentimes, Roseman’s shuffled around money by decreasing base salary numbers and increasing guaranteed money and signing bonuses, but how in the world is he to juggle $50 million? That’s the “million-dollar question”.

Also, does that mean the upcoming Eagles season is one of the win-now variety? Heading into 2020, the Eagles have five players with a cap hit greater than $10 million, which is right around the league average.

The New Orleans Saints are the only team to have just one player in that category, Drew Brees. The Kansas City Chiefs have the most players making more than $10 million at nine, but the reigning Super Bowl champs can afford to do so right now considering Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is collecting a mere $5.3 million.

The Eagles’ front office is set to field, on paper, a great roster for 2020. Come 2021, there will be many player personnel changes. Philly’s on pace to have 12 players with a cap hit greater than $10 million next season. That accounts for a little more than $202 million. No other team comes close to that number.

each season, the cap swells, but considering COVID-19, we can’t just assume the NFL raise the number in 2021. If teams aren’t permitted to fill stadiums for part of the 2020 schedule or, God forbid, the whole season, the loss of revenue could force the league to make adjustments.

Do, you see the Eagles’ problem here? Let’s dive deeper into the discussion. Here are six things we can definitively state about this team’s immediate future.

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