A way-too-early 2021 Philadelphia Eagles-only NFL Mock Draft

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A sideline shot prior to the Philadelphia Eagles game at FedExField in 2019 (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

How about a way-too-early 2020 Philadelphia Eagles-only NFL mock draft? Let’s see if we can impress a few draft scholars and tick off a few fans.

Guess what? There’s absolutely no real benefit to doing an NFL mock draft, especially if you’re presenting one to a fan base as smart as the one that cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles, but you’ve probably already figured that out.

You see, with any mock, It’s impossible to create one and be one-hundred percent accurate. Most of the people that read them only do so because they want to find something to criticize. Then, the writer of said mock must endure angry emails and anonymous insults (and sometimes anonymous threats) on social media for a period of about a week.

As a writer, you never hear from people when you nail something or get something right. They only reach out when they think you’ve said something foolish.

Some of you are probably asking “why would anyone attempt to create a mock draft then? What’s the benefit?”.  It’s simple. They’re just too much fun not to try it, and we all like trying to predict the outcome of things, don’t we? Haven’t you already tried to forecast the Eagles’ win-loss schedule? It’s just cool to feel like we know something someone else doesn’t.

Here’s what you call “upping the ante”. Let’s skip the 2020 season entirely and with no known knowledge of how any of the college stars will perform in 2020 (or if they’ll even play), let’s all take a shot at our way-too-early attempt to find seven new Eagles. Here’s a way-too-early mock for 2021’s selection meeting.

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