Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson is right about games without fans

Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson #10 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson #10 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

DeSean Jackson is right about the NFL stepping up their game in 2020

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has always been one to keep it real, especially when it comes to fans of professional football. His recent comments on offensive tackle Lane Johnson‘s YouTube channel Outside The Lane were spot on about watching football games with no fans physically in attendance.

With the NFL preparing to continue as is when it comes to the upcoming season, anything can change between now and the Fall when everything goes live. There are still discussions on what to do about in-game stadium attendance as fans will more than likely opt to stay home and watch their favorite team play to practice social distancing.

In the event that the current pandemic causes the NFL to not allow fans in attendance at all as it’s seen in soccer and professional wrestling as of late, there’s a strong chance that there might be football games with no fans allowed in the future. In the event of that happening, it’s imperative that the NFL steps up their game by giving fans at home a completely new and exciting experience on game day. Jackson gave a great idea on Johnson’s recent YouTube show on what the NFL should do in the grand scheme of things.

DeSean Jackson’s idea of players being mic’d up is a fantastic one

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In an article written by Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report, here is what Jackson proposed in which the NFL would mic up all players to add a new dimension when watching football games from home:

"“Yeah, it’s gonna get crazy. I think they should, though. They should give the fans the inside to really see what goes on between the white lines,” Jackson replied. “It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy, and I know out there on the outside it gets crazy too with the conversations we going back and forth on.”"

This is a fantastic idea and something that would give fans an incentive to stay home, be safe, and give a tremendous inside look at all the ins and outs of their favorite players on the gridiron. Yeah, they’ll probably need to do a lot of censoring due to curse words and all but NFL Films has always done a fantastic job with these kinds of interactions.

Not only do football fans love listening to players mic’d up but one can imagine there would have to be a 30-second or even 60-second delay to avoid plays and inside information being leaked out on game day. Either way, this would be something unique and never before been done during live football games.

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Overall, Jackson hit the nail right on the head to help ease the huge culture shock of football games without fans in attendance with an alternative idea. Mic’d up players would be a ton of fun to watch and see all the drama unfold during the entirety of a football game on a weekly basis. Imagine how cool it would be during primetime nationally televised football games? One can only imagine all the hilarious, powerful, and inspiring quotes fans could enjoy for years to come if this is implemented in 2020. Especially if we get to watch Jackson do what he does best in what could be his last season with the Eagles.