Here’s something Philadelphia Eagles and Cowboys fans can agree on

Might the Philadelphia Eagles face a shorthanded Cowboys team in 2020?

Despite the fact that we’ve all had to reorganize our lives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles or an NFL fan, you’ve no doubt, been keeping your fingers crossed for pro football in 2020. The league has taken every measure to ensure safety during the recent global health crisis, but there’s no way to make any guarantees.

Regardless of who you chewer for or support, the human in all of us would speak against any desire that our team gains a competitive advantage due to sickness, and as the third full week of our great nation’s sixth month kicks off, both Eagles and Dallas Cowboys fans are of the same mindset.

We’re all just hoping that Ezekiel Elliott is okay and gets better soon. Our teams are bitter rivals, but some things outweigh the importance of the games played between our teams. Some things are bigger than football.

The “Rap Sheet” has some bad news for Philadelphia Eagles fans and NFL fans in general.

According to a report by NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, several sources have told the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero that “several Cowboys players and several Texans players have tested positive for COVID-19 recently”. Additional reports from Rapoport state federal and privacy laws prevent the Cowboys from providing a ton of info on Elliott’s health, but fortunately, “Zeke” is feeling better.

That’s great news. Again, no human wants to see another suffer, so in terms of that, Eagles fans and Cowboys fans can agree. From a football standpoint and from the standpoint of an Eagles fan, we call a truce (for a few weeks anyway). We’d all rather see the Cowboys at full strength. No one wants to beat up on a shorthanded Dallas squad or hear those excuses that are sure to come if that’s the team that they field and lose with.

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