Matt Pryor is endorsed by a Philadelphia Eagles legend

Matt Pryor, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Matt Pryor, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Matt Pryor got an endorsement from a Philadelphia Eagles legend recently.

Now, this is what we’re talking about, the development of talent! Do you know why this Philadelphia Eagles team is always injured? It’s quite simple actually. The inability to draft and develop young talent leads to one or two outcomes. Either the affected team can look to address needs by trading for proven talent, or they can fill voids with the use of free agency during the offseason.

The problem with that is this. Often that’s a band-aid and not a long-term solution, and those older players get hurt a little more frequently.

For the Eagles, if long-term dominance is to be established, building a roster can’t be done by swinging and missing on draft selections, trying to rectify scouting mistakes in free agency, and putting themselves in a position where they have to battle with contracts and carrying overpriced and old players who are clearly hanging around for one or two more years than they should have.

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If you’re a “Birds” fan, it might seem like, as soon as you’re done wrapping your head around one failure (Donnell Pumphrey), there’s another (Mack Hollins) and the possibility of one or two others (Sidney Jones and JJ Arcega-Whiteside). There is hope though.

In the wake of Brandon Brooks‘ third season-ending injury in less than three calendar years, “Birds” fans have been teased with more rumors of a Jason Peters return and, yes, possible veterans that can be brought in like Joe Thuney. As mentioned, however, at some point, you’d like to see some of these depth players step in and step up.

As an Eagles fan, you see it from time to time (Boston Scott), but there are more cases like what we see from Jordan Mailata on the roster than what we see from Greg Ward. Philly may have something in Matt Pryor though. Might he be the guy to fill in for Brooks and do successfully? Might the Eagles be able to get the job done with some homegrown talent?

It’s always nice when those Philadelphia Eagles legends take notice.

At June’s midpoint, Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro spoke with Pryor. That same day, former Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas joined Jon Marks and Ike Reese on 94 WIP-FM. As one might imagine, Pryor’s name came up. Here’s some of what the three-time Pro Bowler had to say.

"Did you not look at the clips? Did you not see what this man was doing against starters? … He might not have a lot of film, but (for) someone that only came out there and played (three) games, he had a hell of a showing… I saw enough out of him that I would feel somewhat comfortable for him out there."

Thomas’ conversation with marks and Reese also included his thoughts on Brooks’ injury and Jason Peters, and it went on for right around 11 minutes, fitting for an Eagles legend that held down the left side of Philly’s line for 11 seasons.

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Is Pryor the man for the job? Well, how about we get through training camp (if there is one) and put together a roster first? Once we do that, everyone may have a clearer understanding. Until, then, no one’s going to argue with Thomas too much. For as great a job as he did in an Eagles jersey, one would think that he knows a thing or two about what it takes to play along the offensive line in the NFL and do so successfully.