NFL writer proposes an interesting trade idea involving Philadelphia Eagles

Now, here’s an idea that Philadelphia Eagles fans might find interesting.

Trades in the NFL don’t come around all that often, not even at the deadline. Chemistry is important. So is money, and often, those two roads don’t intersect in the professional football world. Philadelphia Eagles fans know that better than anyone.

That’s why Jadeveon Clowney and Yannick Ngakoue aren’t the bookends of the Eagles’ defensive line right now. That’s another story for another day though.

If you’re a “Birds” fan, you’re more interested in topics like how good Matt Pryor is, who starts at cornerback with Darius Slay, and how Derek Barnett should be viewed.

Listen up Eagles fans. Recently, one of the NFL’s most trusted voices proposed a trade that would both take care of a Pro-Bowl-sized hole the “Birds” need to fill along the offensive line and take care of that Jones issue.

ESPN Insider may have the elixir for those Philadelphia Eagles ills.

Right around breakfast time on the 24th anniversary of the day that Jay-Z dropped Reasonable Doubt, the creative voices were flowing for one Field Yates. He mentioned the Eagles and Seattle Seahawks as potential trade partners in five trade scenarios he cooked up.

In this one, Philly and the ‘Hawks worked out the rare player-for-player swap. The “Birds” get offensive lineman Ethan Pocic. Those other birds from the Pacific-Northwest wind up with Sidney Jones. Here are a couple of excerpts from Yates’ theory.

Philly does this for this reason.

Pocic has plenty of positional versatility (he has played both guard spots, center, and right tackle) and was on track to a promising career as a rookie. Injuries derailed his 2019 season, and he has played in just 30 of 48 career games. But this would be a bet for Philly on the ability to develop him, the chance to pad depth at multiple spots, and the reality that finding replacements in mid-June is not easy to accomplish.

Seattle would possibly be interested in this move for this reason.

(The Seahawks’) secondary isn’t as deep, which brings us back to the allure of Jones, a 2017 second-round pick who played his college ball locally at Washington. Jones has some traits Seattle typically covets. He’s six-feet tall with 31 and one-half inch arms and excellent speed. He has been inconsistent in Philadelphia, but it’s a calculated addition for Seattle in a player who might be able to provide a spark in the secondary.

It makes sense. All that’s left to iron out now is whether or not the Eagles are of the same mindset and would they be interested. Hey, at least it isn’t the usual “star is unhappy, wants a trade, and fits in with the Eagles” rhetoric. After Brooks’ injury, there was speculation about whether or not Philly would trade for Larry Warford or Joe Thuney. While both of those are amazing options, they’re also expensive. Ethan Pocic has had his injury concerns, but he’s young. He’s inexpensive. He’s also reliable.

Perhaps this is a move that the “Birds” would be interested in making. Then again, maybe it isn’t. The Eagles seem to be set on Pryor and for good reason. Still, it may be worth it to do their due dillegence and give the ‘Hawks a call. Call it a crazy idea, but it’s just nice to see someone exercising those brain cells and using some imagination.

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