Philadelphia Eagles legend and rookie work out in Florida, 2 thoughts

Thinking about the comradery of this Philadelphia Eagles is encouraging.

At this point, picking on former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly isn’t even fun or enjoyable anymore, but it’s hard not to think about him sometimes. Just take DeSean Jackson‘s story for instance. Letting one of the Eagles’ best players on offense go was a gross error in judgment, but as sad as that sounds, that isn’t even the full story.

Not only did Kelly ship off one of the legends of Eagles football and a fan favorite. He made some pretty nasty claims about the man’s character on the way out. Now, Jackson still had some growing to do back in those days, but come on. He never exhibited anything to the level that Kelly claimed.

Since his return, we’ve talked a lot about his injury concerns, but we haven’t talked enough about the fact that “10” has been a much-needed leader in the locker room and a friend to Carson Wentz. Now, it appears that he’s taking another young Eagles signal-caller under his wing (pun intended).

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, it’s been nice to watch this guy grow up.

Heading into 2020, DeSean Jackson is no longer the young guy. He’s now the team’s elder statesmen. It’s a role he’s settled into nicely. Imagine being a young wide receiver or quarterback that had DeSean Jackson posters on your wall and then looking up and seeing that he’s now, your teammate.

That’s the situation these young Eagles players are in, and “10” has had no issues with playing the big-brother role. Recently he was seen working out with Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in Tampa, Florida. Take a look.

It’s almost impossible to look at that without smiling, isn’t it? Here are two immediate thoughts.

1. Don’t be one of those people that makes something out of nothing.

You know someone will make this about something that it has nothing to do with. Carson Wentz is the Eagles starting quarterback. There’s no competition. This is about two teammates working together. That’s it. Don’t be the guy or gal who makes this bigger than it is.

2. Take that Chip Kelly!

It’s been over six years since Jackson threw on that ugly Washington Redskins jersey. He’d play there for three seasons before spending two more with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but through it all, everyone knew where he belonged. “D-Jax” is an Eagle.

Watching him from afar has taught us a ton. Kelly was wrong. Isn’t it ironic that he’s been fired from two NFL jobs and his current program is shrouded in controversy?

Sure, Jackson had some growing up to do back in 2013, but he was young. Isn’t that most of our stories as young men or women? What if you had to grow up on television? What would that look like? Was Jackson perfect? No, he wasn’t. None of us are, but how many times have you heard a coach or player complain about this guy’s personality except for that one guy? Think about that for a second. What does that say about the source?

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