3 Philadelphia Eagles franchise records likely to be broken in 2020

Harold Carmichael (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Harold Carmichael (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Might we see three Philadelphia Eagles team records fall in 2020?

As Philadelphia Eagles fans and as sports fans in general, we love numbers. That’s why we follow stats. It’s why we play Fantasy football. It’s why, even though we get irritated with their analysis from time to time, we still love to see what Pro Football Focus has to say about anything.

Numbers are like a nice appetizer or a dessert. They complement the main course, which is the actual competition. If you’re a “Birds” fan, it feels like there’s some team record falling every other game, and in 2020 that’s a trend that figures to continue.

The NFL has a deep-seated connection to its past while always looking ahead to its future. Then, there’s the one thing about sports that we know to be accurate (and always will be). Records are made to be broken.

The NFL doesn’t seem to be taking any steps towards canceling 2020’s regular season (thank goodness), and every hurdle has been conquered. They marched on through the free-agency period. They had the draft. Now, even though there will be no preseason and there may not be fans in the stadiums when the games count, there will be a season.

That means the stars will have yet another opportunity to add to their numbers. Here are three Eagles franchise records that will fall in 2020.