3 Keys to a Philadelphia Eagles win versus Cincinnati in Week 3

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images) /

Here’s the formula for the first Philadelphia Eagles win of the season.

Just in case you’re unaware, Sunday afternoon’s game is a must-win for the Philadelphia Eagles. They can’t afford to be in an 0-3 hole with a difficult remaining schedule. It’s time to wipe the last two weeks from everyone’s memory and move onto Week 3. This whole team needs to put the minds of their fans at ease with a statement win versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

In Week 1, Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, and the offensive line were the center of the blame. The running backs took a good amount of heat after that game as well, but Philly knew Miles Sanders was on his way back. Last week versus the Los Angeles Rams, the offensive line looked much better and Miles Sanders had a great debut outside of a poor opening drive. Wentz and Pederson still deserved much of the blame for a second-consecutive loss, but so did the defense.

Everything needs to come together this week. The common theme over Philly’s first two games has been the struggles of Wentz and Pederson, and although it is early, it’s par for the course that ‘Birds’ fans are going to question how much longer those two will be around. While Cincinnati represents a winnable game, Carson and Doug can’t focus on that as much as getting back to what made them so successful in the past.

Not only do the Eagles need to break this two-game skid to get back on track, but they also need to end this skid that they’ve been on. They haven’t beaten the Bengals since 2000, and the closest they’ve come to a win was that tie with Donovan McNabb on the field. You know the one. That was the game where he said he didn’t know the overtime rules. Hopefully, the Eagles will win in convincing fashion, That will help get their fans all over the country back on their side, but saying that they need this one badly is an understatement. Let’s take a look at how they can get it done.