3 Ways Philadelphia Eagles can slow that Baltimore Ravens offense

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2. The Philadelphia Eagles defense needs to silence Mark Andrews.

It’s no secret that Jackson’s favorite target has been tight end Mark Andrews, who has 18 receptions for 222 yards and five touchdowns on the season. The Eagles’ secondary will have to do all that they can to take Andrews out of the game, much like the Kansas City Chiefs did.

Week 3 was Andrews’ worst game of the season as he hauled in three catches for 22 yards. He also lost a fumble. Mike Preston of Baltimore Sun writes the following:

"The money routes for Andrews are the crossing patterns in the Ravens offense, but once the opponent’s defense takes that away, the team has to throw deep, which Jackson struggles to do consistently well."

Speaking of pressure, the ‘Birds’ may want to bring some.

3. Jackson will make mistakes if the Philadelphia Eagles bring the blitz.

Like most quarterbacks, Jackson doesn’t respond well when the defense is constantly in his backfield. Typically when it has happened to the reigning league MVP, he responds by getting out of the pocket to run for short gains, or he turns the ball over by throwing misguided passes or fumbling.

The proof is on tape. Just watch Baltimore’s loss to Kansas City. The Chiefs tallied 15 total pressures and four sacks, and they held Jackson to 180 yards of total offense ( the second-lowest total of his career).

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If the Eagles defensive line can constantly get in the Ravens’ backfield, there’s a good chance that they can force him into making mistakes. Philly hung around against a good Pittsburgh Steelers team. Don’t be surprised if they can beat this Ravens team. Who’s to say that they can’t get the job done?