Philadelphia Eagles announce a slew of roster moves in Week 12

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan is a rough job sometimes.

A solution about how to contain and manage this COVID-19 pandemic can’t come fast enough. Does anybody else remember the days where we could head to the stadium to watch a Philadelphia Eagles game and spend what felt like one-hundred dollars on a gameday program? Well, in all honesty, even if we did that now there wouldn’t be a point.

By the time you found your seat, at least three things in the said program wouldn’t be relevant any longer. Truthfully, that’s been the case for the past four seasons. Just save the money you would have spent on the program, and buy yourself some nachos. At least then you wouldn’t feel like you’re throwing your money away.

The Philadelphia Eagles shuffle their roster ahead of Thanksgiving and Week 12.

These days, it’s difficult to remember who plays for this team sometimes. No, seriously. It is. If someone walked up to you to quiz you on your loyalty to the Birds and, say, let’s pretend they asked you to name the starting lineup on both offense and defense and you couldn’t do it, you’d have to be given a pass.

If nothing else, trying to guess who’s starting on the offensive line might be the death blow. At the time of this story being published, we’re a few hours out from Thanksgiving, and there are no signs that Zach Ertz will play in Monday Night Football in Week 12. Alshon Jeffery might be given some snaps, but he doesn’t deserve them. Then, there are the many moves Philly made this week, and that’s just what they did before Thanksgiving.

On Monday, Philly officially announced that they were signing Jordan Howard to the practice squad even though most of us knew that on Sunday. Either way, it’s a bad idea as some of our staff stated earlier.

On Tuesday, the Birds did a ton of shuffling. In addition to announcing that they were activating a 21-day practice window for defensive end Genard Avery and placing cornerback Cre’Von LeBlanc on the team’s IR (injured reserve), they also released a player from the practice squad (Adrian Killins) and protected four players from the practice squad ahead of Week 12’s game (running back Jordan Howard, defensive tackle T.Y. McGill, defensive end Joe Ostman, and tight end Caleb Wilson).

A day later, Philly’s version of musical chairs continued as the Birds announced that they were signing Jameson Houston to the practice squad, whoever he is. Take those gameday roster projections, and throw them in the trash folks. On Thursday, we’ll watch the Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys beat up on one another before we all go shopping on Black Friday.

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Make sure you keep those notifications turned on though. It just feels like Philly isn’t done tweaking the roster ahead of another date with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. Hopefully, that one brings a smile to the faces of a fanbase that’s starving for a win.