Philadelphia Eagles draft buzz: Sitting with Louisville WR Chatarius Atwell

Tutu Atwell Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Tutu Atwell Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

The Philadelphia Eagles need to find wideout talent ASAP!  It’s a storyline that has seemingly dominated fan discussions over the past few years. Sure, there are several on their roster, but despite trading for one (Marquise Goodwin), signing two others in free agency (Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery), and drafting several more (Jalen Reagor, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Quez Watkins, and John Hightower) the Birds just can’t seem to get this right.

With that being the case, the need to find and develop a few talented wideouts is at an all-time high. We at ITI had the opportunity to sit down with one of the under-the-radar, yet extremely talented options, Chatarius ‘TuTu’ Atwell. He’s a five-foot-nine, 170-pound, fleet-footed weapon out of the University of Lousiville.

Arguably one of the most dangerous weapons in the ACC, since joining the Cardinals’ program in 2018, he’s amassed over 2,000 yards receiving and 21 touchdowns, the Miami native is a big play waiting to happen.

After breaking one of those scores from 90 yards out, it became apparent that Atwell possesses the speed and quickness to threaten opposing defenses on every play. He’s capable of being moved around the offensive formation because of his versatility. He can also help in the running game or serve as a backup quarterback if need be.

In his own words, here’s what Atwell could give the Philadelphia Eagles.

During an opportunity that we had to sit with Atwell, we at ITI asked the Louisville Cardinal what he feels he can bring to an NFL team like the Eagles. Here’s what he had to say:

"As far as what I can bring to an NFL team, I think you just have to put on the film and see. I know I can help in the run game or the passing game, I was also a quarterback most of my life so I could be used that way as well. I have the versatility to play at a high level for an NFL team. I feel like (a team) just (needs to) get the ball in my hands and I can make a play, no matter where we are or how we get the ball in my hands. (I) love this game so it is more than just playing on the field, I will also be a great teammate and a guy my team can lean on. I know I will not be outworked ever. I am always studying film or working out working on my craft."

As great as that sounds, there’s more. Atwell continued with his theory as he answered our questions on the challenges of dealing with the stresses of preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft. Here are his thoughts on that subject:

"As far as the stresses of playing in the NFL or preparing for it, I don’t think I really feel one way or the other about it. I know that this is football at the end of the day and as long as I am prepared and ready I can be a success. I can’t let anything get too big for me, or I will lose focus and fall off. I owe it to my family to be the best version of myself every time I put that helmet on, so that is always the goal. So, as far as stress and pressure I don’t feel that really. No one can put more pressure on me than I do myself. I am ready to go really."

Here’s a quote that could interest Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Before we at ITI sat down with Atwell, we spoke with a scouting source and asked him his thoughts on the prospect. He asked not to be mentioned by name but had this to say:

"Man, I think he would fit right in with the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a really talented young man and is built for the big moments. He has been on TV since he was a child, so all the shining lights won’t scare him. He can take a short pass the distance and you can’t teach that kind of explosiveness. I think he could be a really good one at the next level. It will be fun to watch."

It is no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles are in need of young talented wideouts. Adding a guy like Atwell would give the team a young prospect that could be a difference-maker at the highest level.

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With his unique combination of speed and agility, he has the tools to keep defensive coaches up at night. When you watch the film on Atwell, it is easy to like the potential he could bring to the Philadelphia Eagles locker room. Place this young man on your imaginary draft boards if you’re a Birds fan.