Philadelphia Eagles roster: An exclusive sitdown with Jason Huntley

Jason Huntley #32, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jason Huntley #32, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Recently, here at Inside The Iggles, we’ve been taking the opportunity to talk to 2021 NFL Draft prospects that could potentially land with the Philadelphia Eagles. We’re shifting gears a little bit for this one as we had the chance to catch up with second-year running back Jason Huntley.

2020 was a rough season for the Birds, but Huntley, along with several other young players, gives this team hope as they move forward.

We’ve talked about 32 quite often in the past whether it was the Nyheim Hines comparison, his breakout potential in 2020, or how he could be integrated into the gameplan. New head coach Nick Sirianni might be the perfect coach to unlock the young tailback’s potential. Only time will tell.

Who better to ask than the Philadelphia Eagles star?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been wondering what’s going on in 32’s world. How does he feel about all of this? We asked him about his plans for the 2021 season. Here’s some of what the 22-year-old offered as a response:

“I’m ecstatic [for 2021]. I wanted to do so much last year but it was honestly good for me to learn. I got to learn different types of coverages, pick up from other player’s games like Miles [Sanders], Boston [Scott], and Corey [Clement]. I’m excited to go out there and show what I can bring to the table. I want to go out there and help us win some games.”

With Jason’s versatility, he’ll certainly be a weapon who can contribute in 2021. He hinted at something that plays a big role in making those contributions which isn’t just learning but also film study. Huntley emphasized the importance of this in our conversation:

“Film is number one. If you’re not watching film, it’s over with. You can pick up little tendencies from fire zone blitzes to things the defensive lineman do to two gapping to stunts.

Honestly, the film is to your advantage. If you’re not watching film, it’s a disadvantage. It’s extremely important. From when I’m in the building to when I leave the building, I’m watching the film and staying in the playbook. If you can do that, everything else will take care of itself.”

This Philadelphia Eagles running back is truly a student of the game.

Most players know the importance of watching film, but Huntley understands the significant impact it can make on wins and losses. One missed assignment due to lack of film can cost teams a game.

Even with a 17-game season on the horizon, football isn’t a sport in which you can afford to lose too many games, especially the ones that you’re supposed to win. Two other guys who also understand that are the quarterbacks on this team: Jalen Hurts and Joe Flacco. We got to talk to Jason about Hurts’ potential in the offense and the addition of Flacco:

“Jalen [Hurts] is a great guy. He was the person who I talked to the most when I got to the Eagles. He’s actually with me now since we’re training together this offseason. He’s just a general.

He’s a dual-threat – can throw and run – he’s smart, and he has a good personality. When he’s locked in, he’s locked in though. Overall, he’s just a great guy.

As for Joe Flacco, he’s a great player. I’ve seen his film. I think it’ll help just having his veteran experience especially with him being a Super Bowl Champion and MVP. I have a friend on the Ravens who played with Flacco. He was telling me ‘he’ll stay in the pocket, but he’ll put it on you.’ He talked about his experience and knowledge of the game so I feel like all that coming together will be great for this season.”

What has experience taught this budding Philadelphia Eagles star?

Staying on the topic of veteran experience, Huntley had the benefit of playing under 2020 running backs coach and now Detroit Lions’ running backs coach, Duce Staley. Not only that but as Huntley previously mentioned, he picked up a lot of tips and tricks from his fellow running backs who have NFL experience:

“That was a great [running back] group. We talk to each other all the time. It wasn’t just a work thing. We hung out if we could in small groups due to COVID. We had real talks and real conversations. It was great to be around them and learn.

They weren’t selfish. They wanted to try and help me get better. If I had a run, they would give me tips on how to improve when I’m in the same situation the next time. Just being with them, it was good energy.

Duce Staley is a great guy and a great coach. He knows so much and has worked with so many different people. Overall, I loved being in that room with all those guys – Miles [Sanders], Boston [Scott], Corey [Clement], Adrian [Killins], Elijah [Holyfield], Jordan [Howard], and Michael [Warren].”

Huntley has a message for Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Before our conversation with Jason ended, we asked him what his message would be for you –  the Philadelphia Eagles fans. Here’s what Jason had to say:

“I appreciate all of you for staying strong through that rough season we just had. I can guarantee all of you that we’re working and this year is going to be something special.”

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That should have Philadelphia Eagles fans excited not only for Huntley’s upcoming season but for the team overall. Let’s hope Jason is right and it is a fun ride in 2021. His versatility needs to be utilized this upcoming season. If Jason sees the field more next season, watch out. Eagles fans should be ecstatic if this young man gets more touches.