Eagles fans are NFL’s best trash talkers according to Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers #12, Green Bay Packers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers #12, Green Bay Packers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

In the world of collegiate and professional sports, trash-talking is an art form. Well, it used to be anyway. With the way officials police taunting, it’s hard to imagine what the game may have looked like had we cranked up the time machine and transported some of the Philadelphia Eagles greatest players into the present day.

Chuck Bednarik would have never been able to stand over Frank Gifford after knocking him out. Seth Joyner would have never been able to yell “y’all are getting your people killed out here” at the Houston Oilers’ bench in ‘The House of Pain Game’. We won’t even get into what life would have been like for those great Miami Hurricanes teams.

The point is this. Football is an emotional game. The guys playing it are 265 pounds, and they run the 40-yard dash in less than five seconds. They’re crashing into each other for four quarters. We have to allow for the fact that there will be some sort of emotion, don’t we?

It seems almost hypocritical. Every time there’s a rivalry game, we’re shown highlight reels with fights and big hits, but once the game starts, no one is allowed to speak or dance for fear of hurting another man’s feelings. Are we serious? Is that where we are now?

Fortunately, the NFL isn’t totally a ‘no-fun league’, and believe it or not it was a game in which the Birds weren’t even playing, a game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, where we were given the reminder.

Aaron Rodgers gives Eagles fans the tip of the cap.

Being among the fraternity of bad-boy and bad-girl fans is a reputation that Eagles fans are proud of, so while some may disagree, they didn’t see anything wrong with Aaron Rodgers finding his way into the end zone and telling the Chicago Bears fans that he owned them following a double-bird salute that he got from a woman that was in attendance.

Recently, while hanging out with members of the Green Bay media at a quick presser, he was asked if the Windy City was the only place in which he had been given a less than neighborly welcome. As you might imagine, it isn’t.

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Hey, what can you say? Game recognizes game, and for a man who’s gotten into the end zone and thrown on his championship belt on rather emphatically a time or two, it’s nice to see him salute the best fans on Planet Earth.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it. Around these parts, statements like the one Rodgers made about Philly’s fans are the best compliment a Birds enthusiast can earn. Somewhere, Seth Joyner is smiling.