In Philadelphia Eagles country, there’s only one ‘America’s Team’

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

How many times have you tuned into a Philadelphia Eagles road game, noticed a ton of midnight or kelly green in the stands, and heard the announcer make some statement about how well the fan base travels? Well, that’s true, to an extent, but here’s something that’s being overlooked or left out of the discussion when those types of statements are made.

You do realize that everybody didn’t buy a plane ticket and fly out, right? No seriously, you’re well aware of the fact that many of those people live in the city the Eagles are playing in that week, right?

Birds fans live in Los Angeles, California. You can find them in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Trust us on this one. They’re everywhere.

Do Birds fans travel? Sure they do, but while the world continues to make ridiculous statements like the Dallas Cowboys are ‘America’s Team’, the Eagles’ representation by a legion of die-hards in every city and town in this great country is as strong as it has ever been. They make their voices heard regardless of where Philadelphia is playing, and they continue to prove that with how they spend their money.

A pair of Eagles are still occupying two spots on the NFL’s Top 50 Player Sales List.

Can you believe that Tom Brady’s jersey is STILL the top draw on the list of the NFL’s biggest sellers? How is that possible? Everybody that wants that jersey doesn’t have it yet?

Also. Jalen Hurts jersey sales skyrocket after Week 1. light

It’s easy to find an ensemble featuring the numbers and names of our favorite players at Eagles games as Philly’s roster is littered with some of the best players in NFL history (Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce). They’re also home to some of the best players in the game right now (Javon Hargrave, A.J. Brown, and Darius Slay).

The future seems bright as well. There’s a ton of brilliant young talent on the roster, namely two of the top 50 players on the NFLPA’s list in terms of jersey sales from March 1st of 2021 to February 28th of 2022, QB1 Jalen Hurts and second-year wide receiver DeVonta Smith. They were the 35th and 36th-ranked players respectively.

More important than jersey sales is the player’s performance. If stars don’t show up and show out so to speak, they won’t have to worry about any demand and/or a job. It’s still fun to see how popular these guys are though.

The top 15 draft picks in Eagles history. light. Trending

The next time you’re at a Birds game, try and see how many times you see a 6 or a 1 floating around. Don’t be shocked if you see some Jason Kelce, Darius Slay, and Fletcher Cox ensembles as well. Why? The Philadelphia Eagles are the true ‘America’s Team’. No one cares if you disagree.  Some of you just haven’t gotten the memo yet.