Predicting every Eagles rival’s win-loss record during the NFL season

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)
Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Another below-average season by half of the NFC East means the Eagles will battle in a two-team race.

Much still has to happen between now and the end of Nick Sirianni’s coaching tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles to deem it as a total success, but we’re off to a great start. At the risk of jumping the gun, calling things as you see them is always the best route to take.

Six teams hired new head coaches during the 2021 NFL offseason. USA Today’s Charles McDonald ranked those hires, stating that Robert Saleh (New York Jets), Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons), Urban Meyer (Jacksonville Jaguars), and Brandon Staley (Los Angeles Chargers) were all better hires than Sirianni, whose hiring received a D grade.

Only Dan Campbell’s hire was seen by McDonald was seen as being worse, but get this because this is the best part. Nick Sirianni was the only rookie head coach to lead his team to a postseason berth. Staley didn’t do that. Saleh didn’t come close.

Now, with a full year of experience under his belt and an improved roster, there are theories that Philadelphia will take the NFC East’s crown back from the Dallas Cowboys. Inside The Iggles predicted an 11-6 finish to the 2022-2023 Eagles season shortly after the NFL schedule was released before stating they’d finish 12-5 following James Bradberry’s addition.

Everyone has their theories. Those are some of ours here at ITI. Here’s a guess on how many wins to expect from the New York Giants, the Washington Commanders, and so-called America’s Team in Texas.