Despite recent Eagles additions, Dallas Goedert’s production won’t lessen

Dallas Goedert #88, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Dallas Goedert #88, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

For the first time in his career, Dallas Goedert will enter the regular season as the top guy for the Philadelphia Eagles at the tight end position. With Zach Ertz no longer on the roster, he stands alone at the top of the depth chart and won’t be threatened by anyone on the roster at TE1.

Everything we’ve seen from him to this point of his career has given us cause to feel encouraged. This past November brought a massive payday, a four-year deal worth $59 million that keeps him in the City of Brotherly Love until he’s eligible for free agency in 2026.

The stars are aligned for a big year. There’s potential for this to be his best, and that’s great news as his star has already shined brightly early in his career.

Goedert finished last season with 830 yards and four touchdowns. Before the Ertz trade in October, Dallas and Zach split the targets at the tight end position. Following Zach’s exit, Goedert flourished, showing he can be both the number one tight end on the team and a top player at his position.

During the 11 games after Ertz’s departure, Goedert hauled in 47 receptions for 706 yards. When you extrapolate that over a 17-game schedule, that equates to 73 catches and 1,091 yards. There’s reason for excitement.

Dallas Goedert is in a position to have a massive year for the Eagles.

Looking at the Eagles roster, A.J. Brown will most likely wind up being the Eagles’ number one target. The expectation is that Goedert and second-year wide receiver DeVonta Smith will, from week to week, be the second and third option in the passing attack.

With defenses focusing much of their attention on Brown and the threat of Jalen Hurts as both a passer and scrambler, Smith and Goedert will feast in the middle of the field. Last year, we saw how successful Goedert can be there. He’s tough and a matchup issue. No one wants to spend much of their day trying to bring him down.

Once he makes the catch, he looks for contact, so despite the additions the Eagles have made on offense, Dallas Goedert’s role won’t lessen any.

There’s some talent on the Eagles roster at the tight end position, but no one has progressed to the point that they should rob Goedert of any snaps or targets. The Birds drafted Grant Calcaterra in the sixth round out of SMU this past April. If he’s healthy, which it appears that he is, he will surprise people, but he isn’t a threat to monopolize playing time.

Jack Stoll, a former undrafted rookie now entering his second year, is talented, but he won’t surpass Goedert on the depth chart either. The bottom line is this.

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Dallas Goedert won’t be coming off the field very often, and that means he’ll have plenty of opportunities to continue to prove why he should be seen as a top-five tight end at football’s highest level.

This season, despite Philly’s offensive upgrades, he’ll continue to prove he’s one of the Eagles’ most important weapons on the offensive side of the ball.